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Im in Yahoo-Phone love and I need to lose weight fast, can you help me out?

My problem is I been talking to this guy for about 3 months now, he’s just amazing and we both feel in love. I had never lie to him, but I do hide something from me.

It’s my body, I have a huge fat belly, real nasty. I got a car accident and in the past 3 weeks I gain 50 pounds.
My face looks good until my chest, but my thights, butt and belly looks huge!

We want to see each other, he said he doesn’t care, but I know guys they do care about girl’s body. I need to lose weight as soon is possible.

I’m thinking of do 2 hours of work-out, I know I won’t lose a lot of weight, but I will look better. Also drink eight glasses of water and more vegetables and fruits.

Can someone tell me if is okay to work-out that much and if I should tell him or not?


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7 Responses to “Im in Yahoo-Phone love and I need to lose weight fast, can you help me out?”

  1. china said :

    Weight watchers is a great way its healthy and safe. Work outs also cardio is the best. tread mill or long fast walks will help.

  2. s_g_brizan said :

    i dont think you should lose weight, he sys that he dosent care so meet him he should love you for who you are

  3. Mmmkay said :

    Don’t over do it. That can hurt your body. Stay away from the food that made you gain weight.

  4. angee said :

    if he does love you he will love you for who you are, inside and out. tell him. and if he doesnt want to meet after that – hes not worth it.

  5. Brookie rox harder than ur mom said :

    Well.. first things first.. I hope you won’t meet this boy alone. I wouldn’t want him to turn out to be a killer, rapist, or elderly grand-pa with a young voice.
    **But if you really want to meet him, you should exercise, working out daily, drinking water, skipping desserts and sweets. Steer clear of sodas, greasy foods and fried foods. Walk everyday, too!
    **Let me know how it turns out!

  6. amie said :

    Tell him now or you’ll feel terrible later. If he loves you, he will accept for who you are. In the meantime, try to walk for one hour everyday.

  7. mikestone(z) said :

    i am a guyand i know that if i like someone for their personality i dont care what they look like
    but what i did to loose pounds was run everyday and everytime i get hungry not at meal times i eat grapes
    that helps a lot


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