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I need a program to help me look good and lose weight fast?

My weight now is about 210lbs. i am about 5’8 i seriously need help. is there a program to help me lose weight fast.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to “I need a program to help me look good and lose weight fast?”

  1. Wisen Smart said :

    Eliminate all whites from your diet (salt, sugar, carbs, dairy, flour, etc…) and get the video Zumba. That is how I did it, lost 25 lbs in one month

  2. Lende Sorins said :

    The best thing to lose and hold a healthy weight is healthy food, less sugar, lots of drinking water, and sports.

  3. gduncan said :

    Check out this site: This is the exact guidance you’re looking for to achieve your goals.

    Make it happen!

  4. Alexandro Green said :

    Hi I was facing the same problem, I’ve tried a bunch of different thing like weight watches and Jenny’s but I didn’t have much luck and it was hard to follow so I stopped using them, My sister told me about a site so I checked it out, I really like it and the videos are great and easy to follow, best part is I’m already starting to lose some weight.
    Well good luck and I hope you have success.

  5. Izayah Stevens said :

    I had problems with weight also. It revealed that my blood sugar level was very high, about 22.
    My doctor sent me to the hospital, and I got insulin. They said, I have type I. diabetes. After the hospital I decided, I will try out something else.
    I found a great doctor, who had the same “sugar trouble”. He said, everyone has a different level of insulin production. If you are overweight, eat less carbs first time (but really just little). Very little sugar, flour… It’s not so easy. I know, I tried.
    But, it’s a well-established strategy…

  6. Dean Forester said :

    Hey I understand the problems you’ve gone through when trying to lose weight, my friend is in the same situation as you, nothing worked for him untill he came across the diet solution program.
    He’s been having great success with it, maybe this is something that could be right for you.

    Well good luck.


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