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What is the FASTEST way to lose weight? Dont care about how healthy it is – want some instant fat loss.?

Exactly what it says – dont care about how healthy.

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13 Responses to “What is the FASTEST way to lose weight? Dont care about how healthy it is – want some instant fat loss.?”

  1. Kolby K said :


  2. ajlepisto said :

    Don’t drink water or other liquids. In fact, drink coffee and no water, and don’t eat anything.

    This will reduce your water weight almost overnight, and it’s extremely unhealthy and dangerous, but you can lose 2-3 lbs overnight this way.

  3. Sergio C said :

    loads of water, vegetables, and exercise. do all of them frequently throughout the day.

  4. The G man said :

    Only eat lettuce and carrots for 3-4 days and drink crap loads of water. You’ll drop about 5kg (11 pounds)

  5. tnuc_denots_gnikcuf said :

    the fastest way to lose weight is to cut off a limb.

    by the way, legs weigh more than arms.

  6. sbird said :

    No soft drinks. No eating after 7 pm.

    Drink only water with your meals and between meals. Eat five-six small meals a day instead of three big ones.

    Eat a big breakfast, small snack, small lunch, small snack, tiny dinner.

    Exercise a min. of 20 minutes, four to five days a week. Include weight resistance as well as aerobics.

    Eat at least 1200 calories a day or you will just slow your metabolism to a crawl and only lose water weight, not real weight.

  7. Zachary A said :

    Do cardio(for one hour) before you eat anything in the morning. Your body will use stored body fat, as the only available fuel running “on empty”. You must eat something within one hour afterwards, or else muscle will be sacrificed to pay for the empty stomach workout.

  8. Brittany said :

    you wont lose weight if your not healthy about it you will just become sick, and lipo is not an option because you will have to get it more then once in your life time to maintain it. id suggest eating healthy … if you cut out all sugar and caffeine from your diet it will make a huge improvement … and eat what a serving size is on what ever it is you decide to eat … also stay away from trans or SATURATED fats … polyunsaturated isnt bad but saturated is.

  9. watimizit jack said :

    tnuc_den i agree with you
    i was about to say the same thing
    take out a carving knife and start slicing away

  10. RON said :


  11. rob20850 said :

    Crack Cocaine, or Heroin. Be careful though, not only will you loose weight, but you’ll loose your savings and your friends 😉

  12. Meagan F said :

    Eat grapefruit and celery only and drink 8 glasses of water….grapefruit and celery are DISGUSTING but they are fat burners (the evidence shows in the bathroom ESPECIALLY for the grapefruit)

  13. said :

    Shoot yourself in the head. You will be dead and your soul weighs nothing. Then you will perfect your dream


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