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I want 2 lose some of the fat on my thighs & calves, is that possible to do in a month? And how can I do that?

I’m 14 years old (going into high school) and weigh about 140 lbs but im only 5’4″ so i need to lose about 10+ lbs to be at a healthy weight. Please dont tell me that im too young to worry about my weight, because i dont want to be stick skinny or anything- I just want to be healthy and look better. So if you know any ways to lose fat on calves and thighs please let me know. also im pretty musular there so i dont really want to gain anymore musule. Thanks! XOXO

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5 Responses to “I want 2 lose some of the fat on my thighs & calves, is that possible to do in a month? And how can I do that?”

  1. nobodyknowsme said :

    u’r muscular and 140 lb and 5’4??

    u dont have to lose weight! muscle makes up the bulk of weight you know.. who cares about ‘ideal weight’ when muscles are what is making you heavy??

    i think skipping MIGHT help u lose leg fat (if you have any) i hv no idea.. i did that everyday 12 years ago and my legs were nice. i was 7 then 🙂

  2. MIKE F. said :

    Exercise and proper diet.

    If you walk 5 days/week for 30-40 minutes and stop drinking soda (substitute water!) and eating burgers (order grilled chicken sand and throw away everything but the chicken!) and frys, you’ll lose at least 5 pounds in about 3 weeks. Maybe more. (the next 5 will be tougher!) Check with your dr or parents or do some web research to educate yourself on proper diet.

    Once you start on the new lifestyle, you’ll come to like it and will want to do even more. Once you lose the 10, don’t quit! Maintaining the healthy habits will provide a continuing sense of well being and a fit body. You’ll look and feel great!

  3. sandy pie said :

    exercise exercise n exercise sweetie…. or else…. just get up early in the morning,search for a street dog..ten hit it wid a huge stone…… then guess wat?????? it will run behind ya for hours n there you are… u will at least lose 2 kgs per day…. gud idea na?????

  4. Kurt W said :


    I’ve tried so many different diets in the last 10 years that I can say now, they don’t work!
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    Good luck!

  5. Baylee said :

    well, Im 13,i weigh 119, I’m bulemic and i have very bad Body Dismorphic Disorder. I want to be happy with myself and lose some weight from my thighs and love handles also without gaining muscle. Ive been purging along with eating portioned meals (i dont see why since it comes up anyways) and exercising from around the time i get home to the time i go to sleep for about 4 days. i really need some tips! k thanks! (:


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