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How can you lose weight in the thighs and calves and butt?

I’m 12 and I’m 124 pounds.My stomache has a little bit of flabs and my calves and thighs are huge! I’m about 5’1. And I want to lose weight in one month. I don’t want to get muscles. And I want to lose it without starving myself.

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5 Responses to “How can you lose weight in the thighs and calves and butt?”

  1. the girl said :

    use an elliptical. they tone your body in those areas the best. and eat healthy. dont eat carbs.

  2. klt1986 said :

    It is impossible to spot train (lose fat from particular areas). If you lose weight your body will decide where you lose the fat from. Best and only real way of losing weight is exercise and healthy eating. Cut out chocolate, crisps, sweets etc and swap for fruit, veg, dried fruit, nuts and seeds etc.

  3. enriagu said :

    yeah i need help with my “thunder thighs”

  4. Cheryl P said :

    Sorry, but there is no such thing as spot reduction regardless if how much we wish there were! A lot of times we carry our excess pounds where it is genetically predisposed – in other words, sometimes there isn’t a lot we can do. With your height and weight you really don’t have much to lose. Muscle is a good thing and actually makes you look smaller because muscle is much more compact than fat. I would suggest you eat a healthy diet – lots of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats, exercise (walk/run, try some toning or weight work), get involved in some type of sports or other physical activities with others your age, and you will look and feel much better in a few weeks. A month is really not much time and may be unrealistic. You can certainly make progress during that time, but don’t set unrealistic goals or you will be setting yourself up for failure.

  5. selidus said :

    You shouldn’t be asking this question. Go away from your computer, and go play! Outside! Run, jump, skip, hop scotch, jump rope, etc!!!


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