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I want to lose some weight with a supplement? Anyone have any that work?

I have been working out for months, in the beginning i was losing weight but now im not. I work out hard 6 days a week and i have been gaining instead of losing, i want to lose some weight around my tummy and possibly my thighs. I want to try some sort of supplement that i can take to aid in my weight loss along with working out and eating well, any ideas?

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4 Responses to “I want to lose some weight with a supplement? Anyone have any that work?”

  1. Sahara said :

    Have you been eating more? If you’ve been exercising regularly and are gaining more (fat) weight, then it’s likely that you’ve increased your intake of calories. You should consider a supplement that curbs your appetite.

  2. Matt said :

    you are probably gaining muscle weight.

    i do not advise using supplements because its better to do it naturally.

    but hydroxycut will probably work.

  3. lisafromthestl said :

    try meridia i take it and i don’t eat all day so i make sure i eat in the morning

  4. Momma Knows said :

    There are a few things going on here.
    1. Your body is building some muscle and that weights more than fat so sometimes your scale can stay the same or actually gain or
    2. Your body is getting use to your exercise routine. You should try to change exercises every 8-10 weeks. Also if you exercise in the same way each time, change your routine around a bit. What you were doing first now do last etc. If you have been doing the same exercises all along just find a few new ones.

    You could also be hitting a plateau and although some people hate it, it does mean that your body is getting use to your new weight. I have put links to 2 articles down below that explain how you can break a plateau with water.

    Try changing your routine and read the water articles before trying any pills. I can almost guarantee that you don’t need them if you take the above advise.


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