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What are some good ways to lose weight?

Im 14 years old and im always worried about being to big. Im 5’3 and i weight 137. I just want to lose the weight around my mid section and thighs. Can anyone give me some motivation and tips?

Imnot currently enrolled in a gym, im looking for things to do at home.

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4 Responses to “What are some good ways to lose weight?”

  1. Breanna L said :

    burn more calories than you eat.

  2. broadwaylover said :

    dont over eat. eat just enough for you to feel satisfied. eat more fruits/vegetables and not so much carbs. try not to eat chocolates or junk food except on weekends or with friends. eat healthy. do sit ups and run stairs. do more things that involve going outside and running or walking instead of sitting at home. for example, i pace when i listen to my ipod. instead of pacing around my room, i could go out to the street or my garden and walk laps.

  3. Claudia said :

    Make sure to get plenty of protein.

    Protein helps in two ways: 1) Enough protein sends a signal to your brain to stop hunger. 2) Helps build muscle

    Research shows that if you drink 2 Formula 1 shakes and 1 meal a day you are guaranteed to lose weight.

    Many distributors from Herbalife have Nutrition Clubs in which they have what it’s called “Weight Loss Challenge.” Each week they have a class on different topics (protein, snacking,water, meal plans, etc.

    The sole purpose is to teach the community about good nutrition. You do not have to buy the products if you do not want to. A wellness coach will provide you with a customized meal plan.

  4. Smile said :

    Step 1:Eat more frequently. Three meals a day is the norm, but it always helps you to gain weight. The long intervals between breakfast, lunch and dinner put your body into starvation mode. This leads to a lower metabolism as teh body tries to reserve the food you have already eaten. But by eating small meals every 3 to 4 hours your metabolic rates stays high. You can actually eat more and still lose weight.Step 2:Drink more water. One quick weight loss tip is to drink a glass of water before every meal. Step 3:Eat fewer carbohydrates and fat. Step 4:Be physical active. Exercise is a great way to burn fat. But if you hate to exercise you can just walk more often or use the stairs instead of the elevator. Step 5:Eat mostly fruits and vegetables.


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