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How can i calm my nerves and lose some weight before school starts on the second week of August?

I am so nervous about school and i need some help…..I also want to lose some weight on my thighs or tone them how do i do that?

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4 Responses to “How can i calm my nerves and lose some weight before school starts on the second week of August?”

  1. The Apostle said :

    This is the second week of August…..You must be late for school………>

  2. Meow said :

    Vitamin B (super complex) will calm your nerves. You can have awesome legs if you use leg weights and walk a lot. I worked in a mill with really heavy steel toed Sketchers tennis shoes. They are really cool looking and heavy as well. My legs look fantastic when I wear those for a period of time. And a lot of walking to me was 2 miles to work, 2 miles home and GOD only knows how many I walked inside the plant, but it was a lot. I had to walk around a machine the length of a football field twice to get from my office to my boss’s office and then to my actual warehouse. Chasing clamp trucks all day. But if you use heavier weights, it will happen faster. The shoes only account for about 5-7 lbs total. GL 🙂

  3. Paulaa.X..?X! said :

    To calm your nerves – schools just school, you go there, do some stuff, talk to your friends have a laugh then eat some lunch and go home…its not really anything to worry over.
    and for the thighs (40 Squats a day, and go down as far as you can. this will hurt, but ive only been doing it 2 days and i can see a difference!)

  4. Sarah said :

    Do cardio. Run. Jump rope. Hula hoop.

    You physically can’t choose to burn weight of just your thighs, but you will loose fat all over.

    For toning your thighs, do lunges. Lunges involve stepping forward with one foot, dropping your body while keeping your back straight and bending your knees, lifting up, then stepping forward with the other leg and repeat.


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