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How could I lose some boob fat and belly fat? Im 16 year old boy….?

I pretty much do some type of weight lifting every day of the week (my AT in school and after-school weights) After school, what should I do at home to lose those two things. Like should I run, jump rope, etc…? Please HELP Thanks

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7 Responses to “How could I lose some boob fat and belly fat? Im 16 year old boy….?”

  1. cs1234 said :

    sit ups, crunches, push ups

  2. Lucia K said :


  3. Bman said :

    Do at least 40 minutes per day of cardio work out 5 times per week, cut out junk food if there is any. Stick to a programme and you will loose weight.

  4. Ed H said :

    You could try a diet called ketogenic diet which is known to be a very effective way to loose weight. On this kind of diet, you eat only food rich with proteins and fats, and low on carbohydrates. It may sound confusing how taking more fats will help you reduce your body fat, but by eating the types of food mentioned, the body enters a state called ketosis where your main source of energy becomes fat. That way, all the fat that you eat is used as an energy source, as well as your body’s own fat. Many body builders use this kind of diet to considerably lower their body fat.

  5. Chuck said :

    Keep up the weightlifting! Take a close look at your diet – there may be a lot of hidden sugars in the foods you’re eating. These will definitely cause you to gain weight.

  6. man of fire said :

    try cardio exercises, get this ebook
    from this link
    heard it’s good

  7. John said :

    There are a few things you can do. I am 47 and I am in better shape then some guys who are 1/2 my age.
    And one of the reasons is I exercise at least 2 times each week. Secondly,
    if you are drinking beer and soda, you WILL NOT lose that stomach!
    Try drinking more water when you are thirsty. And lastly, do not eat after a certain point in the evening
    because you have no way of working it off while your asleep. I exercise with this weightlossdisc you should try it


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