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I am a 30 year old female, I am 70 pounds overweight. I need to lose weight fast, more than the 2lb /week norm

I want to lose about 40 pounds as my initial goal. What can I do to get to that in 2months? Thank you!

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7 Responses to “I am a 30 year old female, I am 70 pounds overweight. I need to lose weight fast, more than the 2lb /week norm”

  1. BabeHeart said :

    2 – 3 lbs a week isn’t impossible, but it takes diligence…you didn’t put the weight on overnight, you can’t expect to lose it overnight. Twenty pounds in a month is unrealistic (anything over 4 lbs/wk is almost impossible to keep off long term, and even that amount of loss is VERY difficult to do because it requires a large calorie deficit per day). The faster you lose the weight, the higher chance it’ll pack right back on because you’ll be using unhealthy methods to do it, that cannot and should not be used long term.

    Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet all the time…exercise at least 5 days a week (1 hr a day or more) and you’ll be on your way. Make this a lifestyle change though, not just a diet, so the weight will stay off long term.

    Good luck!

  2. shammycamcam said :

    if you do diet pills, hydroxicut works pretty good, but you’ll be drinking a lot of water so be prepared to visit the restroom pretty often and that can get expensive.
    You could try the Special K diet, you just have to stick with that plan for two meals and then eat normally for supper.
    You could cut back on a lot of sugars. Just drink water or some juice or milk for every meal. Drink as much water as you can. some good meals are grilled chicken with vegetables. Salmon is very tasty and good for you. You don’t have to eat a whole lot of it to be full.
    You could try to eat six small meals a day instead of three big meals. That one may take time to get used to b/c everyones schedule is different.
    Also exercise!! if you don’t have time or money to go out and walk, find a stool that you could use for a step aerobic exercise while you watch tv.
    Good luck and hope this helped!

  3. CWT9881a said :

    Ever watch The Biggest Loser? They sometimes lose more than 10lbs in a week, and they do it through rigorous exercise combined with a very healthy diet. If you really want to do the same, join a gym, hire a trainer, and prove to that trainer that you’re willing to work as hard or harder on your diet and exercise than the people on The Biggest Loser.

  4. davina m said :

    i admire your determination, but i think your goal is a little unrealistic. I am also 140lbs overweight and would like to lose this quickly. But weight is gained overtime and it takes patience to lose it. Healthy eating is the safest way to lose weight long term. so start the day with breakfast, salads and vegetables for lunch and a light dinner. 16 to 20 pounds is a more realistic goal for 2mths.

  5. Catnip said :

    Why do you need to lose it extra fast? If it is for health reasons then whichever doctor told you that you had to lose it extra speedily should also have recommended a way to do so.

    If you haven’t been told by an expert to lose the weight fast then I wouldn’t recommend doing it. It would involve a fad diet which are always tricky to stick to and don’t keep you happy on a day to day basis – making it much more likely you will get fed up and ditch the diet.

    If you are desperate to lose the weight speedily then you shouldn’t follow fad diets (grapefruit diet, egg diet, cabbage soup) for more than 2 weeks tops Most actually recommend just 1 week.
    Any longer than that can be seriously bad for your health and also can mean that your body goes into what’s called starvation mode (where your body stores any fat it can get because it thinks you are starving it, then if you go back to eating normally the weight will pile back on as you’ve messed up your metabolism)

    I would definitely recommend this site
    It has a free trial and all you have to do is add in the food you’ve eaten (there is a HUGE database of UK and US food) and how much and it works out your calories, fat, fibre, fruit portions, water etc for the day.
    You fill in your details (height, weight sex etc) and how much you want to lose per week (you can only go up to 2lb) and it calculates how many calories you are allowed.
    There’s even a section to calculate your exercise calories, even hoovering and scrubbing the bath counts!

    To lose weight healthily and to keep the weight off you should aim to lose up to 2lb a week maximum. To lose 1lb you need to cut 500 calories out of your diet per day. To lose 2lb cut 1000 calories.
    However you should NEVER eat less than 1100 calories a day no matter what your sex, weight, age or activity levels. If you exercise you need to eat more calories as your body will need them.
    Even if you are asleep your body is burning calories and you need to make sure that you eat enough to provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform properly.

    I knwo it’s discouraging when the weight doesn’t drop off as fast as you want it to but stick with it and you will get a better result in the end.

    good luck.

  6. Momma Knows said :

    In order to lose that amount of weight you should really be determined to stick to a diet and exercise routine 100%. That means no cheating while you are on the diet and in addition to your exercise routine you should plan on moving around as much as possible to burn up extra calories.

    According to the fatloss4idiots diet you can lose 9 pounds every 11 days. Then you go off the diet for a few days and if you need to lose more weight you do on it again for 11 days.
    I have not tried it but it may be something that might help you reach your goal.

  7. ╣Sexy ♥ Momma╠ said :

    im on the same boat as u hun….i want to lose 40lbs and i want to lose it FAST….ive been on a diet for a months now and lost 12lbs so far….i eat a yogurt in the morning….i have a 100calorie pack of whatever it may be….i eat a lean cuisine for lunch…some veggies or fruit….and i eat a regular homecooked dinner, but i cut back on how much i eat for dinner….and i drink ALOT of water…i drink anywhere from 10-15 20oz bottles of water a day….im constantly drinking it….and i barely excercise….i workout probaly 3 times a weeks..but all i do is follow a tape called “in home walking”….i walk a mile which only takes 15mins….and sometimes ill follow an ab video…its worked for me…and if i can do it…anybody can….i dont feel like im even on a diet either!!!!!


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