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My belly is like all fat. How many sit-ups per day should i do to lose some of it?

I am a 13 year old boy if that helps. If you could recommend a different excirse that you think works better, say it please. I just want to lose some fat and gain a little stomache muscle. Thanks!

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12 Responses to “My belly is like all fat. How many sit-ups per day should i do to lose some of it?”

  1. *Soccer Star* said :

    100 sit ups alternating

  2. Spl1nter said :

    If you want to gain stomach muscle, then sit ups, crunches, etc, are the way to go. But doing sit-ups won’t isolate the fat on your stomach. The only way you’re realistically going to get rid of your stomach is through regular exercise like jogging, jumping rope, etc. To lose the fat on your stomach, you have to lose the fat everywhere.

  3. Juan C said :

    None. You have to eat better and lose the fat.

  4. Dead said :

    i suggest running and walking.Once you have lost the fat then you can work on the muscles

  5. aparadoxsimple said :

    You can’t target body fat with specific exercises. Only two things will make you lose weight/fat: eating less calories and burning more calories. Sit-ups are not the best method of the latter. Jogging, or even just walking long distances will do the trick. Sit-ups WILL build the muscle, but trimming down the fat will make a more noticeable difference.

  6. lisacharonn said :

    You need to do some cardio (which burns fat) and situps to tighten and strengthen your muscles. If you only do situps you will have rock hard abs under the fat.

    For your cardio, you can run, swim, bike or aerobics are good too. I know that one is kinda girly but it’ll take the pounds off.

  7. Ultimate Fighter said :
  8. unholyx1x said :

    Well start off with 25 non-stop situps in the morning, noon, and before you sleep. then slowly build up to 50, then 75 then 100. you should lose a few inches on your waist after a month

  9. chefaida said :

    what ever you do dont do sit ups everyday, do them every other day! run every day you are not doing sit ups and you should drink protein shakes no fast food try to eat a lot of veggies and fruits

  10. ashley42066 said :

    500, … just do them whenever you have time… in the a.m. at noon, just about everytime inbetween doing anything, good luck….oh, and eat mainly protein, and you will hurt after the first few days… but try and do as much as you can…dont give up. it takes patience and time..

  11. sirwilliamrn said :

    Hey man–aerobic exercise will assist you best, along with eating well. Get on a treadmill or hit thre streets 4 times a week for 30 minutes. That wil help with the fat; sit-ups and crunches will help isolate & strengthen your underlying muscles. Please be patient–it’s a long, painstaking process, but you’ll be happy you took the time. I know it’s tough to eat well at 13, but you have to try to avoid garbage.

  12. philip said :

    I am 156 pounds and i am 12 would these things work for me 2


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