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I want to put on some muscle,and lose some fat.?

Could this be happening simultaneously?I know ,of course,that they’re two separate procedures.

I started going to the gym and counting my calories a year ago,wanting to lose some weight.I did,and I did tone up a little in the process,but due to calorie restriction and perhaps too much cardio I don’t look as toned as I’d like to be.

So,I’d like to put on some muscle,and perhaps lose a little fat(I do not want to put on weight,look bigger)

I guess I know the basics,and I’m also aware I’m not giving you numbers for a detailed answer,but I’d like to know some of your tips,things you’ve tried out,important do’s and don’t’s you might have in mind,etc.

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7 Responses to “I want to put on some muscle,and lose some fat.?”

  1. cosmicwindwalker said :

    lift weights – it is important to do it correctly so you get a long lean look instead of a bulky look.

    muscle does had add weight but it also burns more calories.

  2. UptownGirl said :

    I got married about a year ago, and I wanted to do the same thing! What I did was I started lifting weights. Lifting weights re-shapes your body and tones your muscles. Now that you’ve lost some weight, keep up your cardio and add weights 3-4 times a week. If you have access to a gym, it will probably have a circuit of weight machines already set up that you can work your way through. You might consider hiring a personal trainer for a couple of sessions if you have the money to do so. I hired a personal trainer for 10 sessions, and that helped me learn the basics of weightlifting so I could do it on my own.

  3. Damien said :

    Yes, I’d recommend sticking to weight lifting. You’re not going to magically get bulky, it’s a very slow process. But it will contribute to fat loss in the long term as well.

    If you want to encourage fat loss at the same time, use all big compound movements, and don’t forget your leg exercises. Instead of progressing with increased weights or reps, progress by decreasing your rest intervals. So do the same amount of work in less time. Do this by cutting your rest between sets and exercises. You’ll get to a point where you’ll have to start supersetting your exercises to keep cutting time. Eventually your entire workout will turn into a ball-busting circuit. This is great for fat loss because it promotes growth hormone release and keeps your metabolic rate elevated for hours after training (you’ll burn more calories).

    Hope this helps.

  4. Bethany P said :

    When you are lifting weights, suck in your stomach. For some reason, it helps you loose weight faster. Just don’t loose weight too fast though, because if you loose a lot of weight super fast, that’s considered to be very un-healthy. You should be loosing 2-4 pounds a week. just eat righ, and go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week.

  5. Dee said :
  6. brijo said :

    Building muscle and losing fat are not necessarily 2 separate procedures. Muscle that is resting burns more than fat that is resting, so you will naturally burn more calories and more fat when you’ve begun to build up your muscle. Cardio is important because it makes your heart stronger, but strength training is one of the most important elements in losing weight (along with a healthy diet).

    Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat but that it also is leaner than fat. The scale might change a little, but your metabolism will be higher and your body will be leaner. Muscle is a good thing!

    Start with basic strength training programs and work your way up to more advanced moves. It might be beneficial to purchase a few sessions with a personal trainer to learn the correct form for strength training to avoid injury.

  7. Jackalyn said :

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