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What’s the easiest way to lose fat on your abdomen?

So I’m a 16 year old boy. I’m 6′ 5″ tall and weigh 222 pounds. The only place on my body I have fat is on my abdomen, and i was wondering what was the easiest way to lose this fat.

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5 Responses to “What’s the easiest way to lose fat on your abdomen?”

  1. Ashleigh said :

    from what i know the best suggestion is crunches which will allow the abdomen to tighten up. If you are worried about crunches being bad on your back or neck i have had good results with the ab lounge.

  2. Julia said :

    Dieting will work just fine for that. Fat on your stomach is the easier to get rid of. Try a low carb diet (that’s what i did) and only eat whole grain bread and the like if you are going to eat carbs. Cut the sugar and limit the fruit because that has sugar as well. Easy on the fats. You should lose the weight. I did the South Beach diet and lose like 30lbs. I don’t think you want to lose that much but the book is helpful and you can get it from the library.

  3. BrownCracker said :

    Strictly doing crunches wont be effective. If you do a ton of crunches, all you will be doing is toning your abs but you wont be able to see your six pack under that layer of fat. Many experts agree that targeted weight loss doesnt work. You will have to work out your entire body. You will build muscle and in return, your muscle will burn fat. Cardio exercises like running is a must if you want to tone up your mid section. Eating a balanced diet will also help. Make sure you get enough protein. It will repair your muscles and it will also help with the soarness after a workout.

  4. Jilly said :

    Cardio gets rid of all fat.

    Otherwise try Jesus abs/plank. That’s where u go in a position like ur about to do a push up but ur fore arms are on the ground and ur back is straight and even being held up. Hold yourself up as long as u can. When I started doing these my abs were on fire but I got a 2 pack after a week or so. Works like a charm 😉

  5. shoppertunistic gal said :

    The best way to lose “the fat” in your midsection is by doing cardio. Crunches alone will define the muscle hidden beneath the fat. Try running/jogging, walking or the elliptical.


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