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should i use Hydroxycut to lose some belly fat???..?

im not obese/fat… i just wanted to try to use it to lose some belly fat so my abs would show… i could feel my abs under my belly fat… i just cant rid of tthe belly fat. its soo hard. and ive trid every thing to lose the belly fat… so should i try it out???.. or would it be bad for me??

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5 Responses to “should i use Hydroxycut to lose some belly fat???..?”

  1. shorti2cute828 said :

    When I used Hydroxycut it did work but i was very jittery. I suggest if you try it to drink at least 8 cups of water a day and to take it 30 mins before you eat. You actually might have that extra belly fat from retaining water. I would also maybe try Lite salt and some fiber to increase potassium and regulate you. Some people might tell you to try it the natural way, but it’s your body and you know what works and what doesn’t. Just don’t starve yourself while taking this energy boosting pill. Hope this helps.

  2. jukari2003 said :

    My sister used that “trimspa” stuffshe used to be a size 14 (female) and is now a size 3… that worked for her, but it still requires exercise… it kinda works alot like meth it gives you lots of energy to burn and you lose weight because your so active… So make sure you have an exercise plan before start. Try going to to get a work out plan… Running is the best exercise…. hands down.

  3. Anthony m said :

    It wouldn’t be bad for you, but if you are still relatively young and your metabolism is normal, you ought to be able to do the same thing by just exercising, cardio, and diet modification.

  4. Health Fanatic said :

    Hydroxycut Hardcore contains caffeine, which taken excessively, has undesirable side effects. First check out effects of caffeine here:
    Belly fat is where excess fat gets stored first, and also the last place to get rid of it. Consistency with healthy diet and exercise will ensure success. Vary the type of abdominal and cardio exercise that you do, as our bodies adapt to the same exercise. A friend of mine surfs just about every day for 2 hours which is intense exercise, but he still has belly fat, and very little muscle definition because he does not engage in any other exercise. 2 different types of cardio is ideal to stay in shape, and then a variety of abdominal exercises.

  5. Helpful Adel said :

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