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How Much Should I Rollerblade everyday if i’d like to lose some weight?

Im looking to lose some weight, So I’m doing like, 1,700 calories a day. Im not much of a jogger, or runner.. AT ALL. So, Im going to rollerblade instead. How long should I do that daily to cover as most of my cardio routine? Thanks 🙂

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3 Responses to “How Much Should I Rollerblade everyday if i’d like to lose some weight?”

  1. Mooned Y!A said :

    About 30 minutes or until you sweat. Work up a sweat and then go a bit more. That’s the whole idea of a cardio workout. It gets the heart going. Also, when you sweat, the cells of your body are getting rid of toxins. It may be a 15 minute workout for beginners or a 45 minute workout for a fully conditioned person. Good luck.

  2. said :

    Great decision to make inline skating your choice for cardio instead of running. While jogging is great it is a high impact activity on the bones and joints. Inline skating will give you the same workout without the demanding impact of jogging.

    As far as how long is best, I’d say any where from 30-60 minutes. This will get the heart pumping and you’ll definitely work up a sweat. If you’re going to be skating a relatively flat terrain, I’d say work towards the 45-60 minute range. If you’re going to do some terrain that has a few inclines, you could probably stay closer to the 30 minute range. The inclines will burn more calories so you can cut back the time if you’d prefer.

    I’d definitely say that if you have not skated in a while, you will want to work up to the average time you’d like to skate. While skating is less demanding than running, it is still a workout and you’ll want to make sure you don’t over do it on the first couple of skate ventures.

  3. Rollerblade said :

    I agree with, 30-60 minutes is optimal, more towards the high end if you’re on flat terrain. The inclines are great because you burn more calories without having to go longer distance.


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