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how many calories should i burn on a 1250 calorie diet to lose weight?

I’m 153lbs, 5’7”, and I was assigned a 1250 calorie diet in order to reach my -20lbs target. How many calories should i be burning a day in order to lose my weight?

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6 Responses to “how many calories should i burn on a 1250 calorie diet to lose weight?”

  1. Always Asking said :

    1251…… anything above what you are consuming will make you loose weight

  2. I'm a girl! said :

    I don’t think a person that is 5’7 has any business getting down to 133lbs. That is the lower spectrum of your BMI and it’s close to being underweight.

  3. Jesse said :

    would need to know your age to figure your basal metabolic rate-which means what you burn just fuctioning , not counting any activity. Suppose you are 25 years old, would be 1870 per day, at sedentary level meaning no exercise or activities. So you’d have negative calories of 620 per day/4340 per week. Can change activity level depending on lifestyle. You need a negative of 3500 calories to lose one pound.
    Can use to figure out based on age. Will of course change as you lose weight as well.

  4. Samuel said :

    dont worry about exercise

    Just eat less, but healthy
    try this
    eat less and exercise more 😉

    first the hard way:
    1. your caloric intake daily = 108(your weight) * 10 = 1080 per day
    2. weekly = 7 * 1080 = 7560
    3. a pound of fat = 3500 cal
    4. so to loose 1 pound a week = 7560 – 3500 = 4060 weekly
    5. calories to eat daily = 4060 / 7 = 580
    6. Eat 580 calories each day for a week and you will lose a pound that week…

    The easy way:
    1. What ever you eat, eat the half of it and forget the rest…
    2. Do that for each meal

    Exercise only 30 minutes of walk daily…

  5. Dragonwind said :

    If your 153 5’7 you don’t need to be exercise to loose weight just stick to the diet ur already on. If you push ur self you might end up in the hospital.Go to this website this is my personal video blogs. I talk about this diet that I’m on and how it works I think this would help you out becuase it involves eating healthier and loosing weight. Plus it suppresses hunger while your own it.The first Time I did it I lost 18 pounds in 23 days so I figured this might interest you its very safe and video blogs are proof of it.Let me know if you have any questions.

  6. Rekhilesh said :

    burn weight with protocol it is the great poduct i ever used


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