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How many calories does your body need to function?

Im on a calorie diet. And I want to burn as many calories as possible. But I realize that my body needs calories to fuction and get through the day. I just want to know how many calories I need.

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8 Responses to “How many calories does your body need to function?”

  1. Ginny Jin said :

    Everyone is different but an average female needs 1500-1800 per day.

  2. SLS said :

    The number most doctors and people will give you is 1200. Some claim they are perfectly fine eating 1000. But I’ve always said to get the proper nutrition and nourishment (especially if your working out), eat 1500 calories at the least.

    But if your a growing teenager you may consider eating a bit more. Somewhere around 1700.

  3. kid303 said :

    You should take in at least 1600 cal/day, your body needs fuel so you can burn fat and lose weight at a healthy rate. Too little calories and your body loses muscle along with fat which causes your metabolism to slow down and in the long run leads to weight gain

  4. Morena K said :

    Everybody’s daily routine, weight, gender, job, etc. determines how many calories you will burn.

    Go to , fill it out truthfully, and it’ll give you a precise amount of calories burned.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  5. denimcap said :

    “Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the average daily amount of energy needed by a body when it is at rest. Heredity, height, body composition, and age determines a person’s basal metabolic rate.

    The energy in a person’s basal metabolic rate is used to maintain body temperature and to power the heartbeat, breathing, and other organ functions. The average person’s basal metabolic rate accounts for about two-thirds of the energy he or she expends.” [1]

  6. Whatever you do,dont look at him said :

    1500-2200, depending on your height

  7. Melvin M said :

    One thing that will help you lose weight: a colon cleanse. I was one of those who did not believe in them until I tried it. And I tried a few until I found a great one that works (its all natural too! – it’s just pills, but you’ll detox, lose weight, and fell much, much better). You can go to and order you free trial, also you only pay $4.95 shipping and handling. Good luck!

  8. Jennifer L said :

    To find out how many calories you need in one day,
    You take your weight times 10 + to your weight,
    I if want to lose weight, you put your goal weigth instead of your present weight.

    (120 pounds) x 10 +(120 pounds)= 1320 calories.

    This is what I use, and I’ve lost a few pounds and I just started.


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