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How many calories should be consumed on a “very low calorie diet”?

I need to lose about 60 lbs. (just had twins)
and I am going to go on a real low cal diet to speed the process but how many calories should I consume on this diet? I have started the raw vegitarain diet. Whats too low of calories and to high?

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6 Responses to “How many calories should be consumed on a “very low calorie diet”?”

  1. mlgable said :

    1200 is considered a very low cal diet.

  2. jsygrovehpi said :

    Well you can lose weight with a normal calorie diet and decent excercise. I would start off with moderate excercise and a 2,000 – 2,500 calorie diet. Dont eat any empty carbs and remember to keep the balanced sensible and balanced.

  3. skanktale said :

    500 is considered the least amount of calories a person can ingest per day.

    If a person consumes under a 1000 calories a day they are supposed to do so only under a physicians supervision.

    Scientific research indicates that excessive dieting increases a person’s risk of death.

  4. TwinkaTee said :

    By restricting your calories, you are going to actually prevent yourself from losing weight. If you simply exercise daily and eat 1500 calories a day, you will lose the weight in about 5-6 months. Don’t starve yourself to get thin…It won’t work and you are not helping your body at all!

  5. loverishly said :

    Women shouldn’t go below 1200 calories a day.

    Talk to a doctor if you can, they can give you a calorie idea for your weight that will help you achieve a healthy target weight effectively.

  6. wampascat711 said :

    Eat 1500 calories a day, exercise, and breast feed. You WILL lose weight that way and it;’s healthy for you all.


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