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How many calories should i be eating for maximum fat/weight loss?

Im 203lbs 5’11, 20 years old. I was 198 after losing 50 pounds, but gained 5 back. My medicine caused hunger, but im off it now and ready to take control again. I’ll be exercising between 30-50 mins 5 times per week. I do tae-bo videos because i have anxiety disorder to go outside and exercise much. Would 1800 calories be good? 1500? I want to be 185

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4 Responses to “How many calories should i be eating for maximum fat/weight loss?”

  1. HeartHeavyEyesClosed said :

    Hmm you just answered someone’s question on how to lose weight, yet you’re asking yourself…

    Most males require 2500-3000 calories to maintain, so I would say remain between 1800-2000 calories to lose weight.

  2. Ant Boog said :

    2000 calories. 900 from protein/900 from fats/200 from carbs.

  3. Space Chimp said :

    1200 cal to 1500 are perfect =)

  4. crimcowl said :

    1700-1800 of mostly protein is just about right. Any lower than that and you may find yourself getting hungry which will soften your resolve.

    Keep in mind, when you are done controlling calorie intake you will gain 3-5 pounds right away. It usually just water so don’t fret.

    Gain any more than that and you need to reduce your calorie intake again. There will be alittle back and forth until you find a good equilibrium.

    Your last 10 will be the hardest, so dont give up, even when you don’t seem to be moving anywhere.


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