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how many grams of fat each day should you eat along with a low calorie diet, to lose weight?

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4 Responses to “how many grams of fat each day should you eat along with a low calorie diet, to lose weight?”

  1. Feline Friend said :


  2. kasey4duke said :

    anything you you eat should have less than 5grms fat per 100grms. Check the food lables

  3. Willow said :

    In order to “maintain” weight the limit for women is 70grammes per day, for men I think it is 80. So anything under 70grammes will assist in weight loss. Forget calories, calories in moderation = energy, fat = energy stored. Reduce fat intake across the board and increase exercise significantly this is how you lose weight and keep it off.
    Exercise does not mean going to the gym or jogging or anything regimented, it means being active, being physical, never sit for more than 30mins without doing something physical, bend, stretch, go up and downstairs a few times, go out, walk to the nearest shop whatever but get moving. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Bend, stretch, touch your toes, reach for the ceiling, you get my drift?
    You can eat everything in moderation if you monitor the fat content and burn of some excess energy that has been stored as fat.

  4. resistnzisfutl said :

    On a reduced calorie diet primarily the carbs should be reduced. It really depends on your goals, but you should not go below 20% of your daily caloric intake of fats. Reducing dietery fats too much will cause a drastic decrease in testosterone production which will then increase the storage of fats and reduction of lean muscle. The endocrine system is dependent on dietery fats for the production of all hormones.

    A good ratio of macronutrients for fat loss could look something like 20% low GI carbs, 30% good fats and 50% lean proteins. Contrary to popular belief, fat is not the enemy, you just have to be careful on the amount of fats consumed as they are much more calorie dense compared to the other macronutrients.


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