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How many hours a day should i spend at the gym to lose weight fast.?

Like two maybe three hours, i want to lose a couple of kilos in a week,
anything will help!

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6 Responses to “How many hours a day should i spend at the gym to lose weight fast.?”

  1. NeotheONe said :

    1 to 1.5 ……2 to 2.5 in space

  2. Johnny Greens said :

    hit the sauna

  3. billy mack said :

    If you wish to keep it off,
    Try tiny steps first.
    30 min a day at home may be more benefical.
    Don’t over demand of yourself.

  4. Flores said :

    it is too hard to lose a couple of kilos in a week. the key point is persistence. 1hour /day is enough

  5. Chad said :

    Dietary changes:
    Small changes really add up. I cut cola out of my diet and it’s helped a lot.

    If you don’t have time to cook healthy meals buy a slow cooker. Chop up a bunch of veggies and some meat, throw it all in with some water and you have a healthy meal…but in a slow cooker you can get the food cut up and in the cooker in the morning and have it ready for dinner.

    I walk my son to and from school so I’m making activity a part of my life, while the walk alone won’t drastically change me overnight the concept or idea of working fitness into your daily routine and can really help. Walk instead of taking a car/bus not only does it save you money on gas/bus fair but it’s a great way to squeeze in that extra bit of exercise.

    While you are studying take jumping jack breaks, not only does this incorporate exercise into your day but in increases the oxygen flow to your brain which keeps you more focused and helps you learn things easier.

    When you are reading class material try doing bicep curls, before long it will be second nature and you’ll be able to focus on the reading while squeezing in that extra bit of exercise. (just use some light weight dumbbells that can be stored in your desk/out of the way). You could also use a resistance band if you prefer.

    If you can wake up 20 minutes earlier try squeezing in the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. It is an interval training dvd and everyone I know has had results from using it, best of all each session is only 20 minutes long.

    Healthy supplements can increase the vitamins and anti-oxidents in your body and help your metabolism run faster.

    I hope these ideas help you, good luck =)

  6. SuperGirl! said :

    To be honest its really more about the diet that you have more than the amount of time you spend in the gym. 85% of your plan to get in shape is your diet. But i will could about 1 hour of intense workout to start… if that is easy for you then increase but i would listen to your body.

  7. vitos881r said :


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