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Why are there so many delusional people in this section who ask how to lose weight fast?

I’m getting tired of answering the polite way and telling them to go cut their limbs off if they want to lose 10 lbs in 1 week. About 99% of these weight loss questions are not realistic.

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5 Responses to “Why are there so many delusional people in this section who ask how to lose weight fast?”

  1. Hi people! said :

    Some people in wrestling teams have to lose weight fast to make a weight class, Some banks and mints have people who work in the sorting houses weighed everyday in the morning and at leaving time to make sure they are not stealing, so those people have to weigh about the same amount every day, I know someone that works in a mint where they print money

  2. Matt said :

    Because the fitness industry misinforms people and that is good to have a ignorant customer because you can sell them anything.

  3. Brit said :

    I don’t know but it’s almost scary how many people think that there’s some easier way to do it besides diet and exercise. Those two things aren’t that hard and are the only true healthy way to lose weight. DUH. You have to be an idiot to not know that. Think about how many people get hurt starving themselves and working out at the same time or taking all these silly weight loss supplements that do god knows what to your body.

  4. laffy-taffy said :

    they will lean the hard way

  5. Weccfd Sdvs said :

    Do not carry your mobile phone around but leave it a place where you can hear it ringing. In this way you make sure that you at least get up and walk towards it. This might sound sill but I really mean it. You need a reason to keep yourself going. Life today has become so easy that we have every thing at our fingertips. All we have to do is push a button here and push a button there. The only things that get any exercise at all are our fingers. Years ago Charles Darwin put forward a theory of use and disuse. According to this theory, a certain part of the body that is put to constant use develops a lot and a certain part of the body that has no use at all becomes smaller and smaller and gradually ceases to exist. Certain examples that he quoted were the long neck of the giraffe, which appeared to become longer and longer when the giraffe stretched higher and higher to reach the leaves at the treetops. He quoted the example of the absence of a tail in human beings to illustrate the example of the theory of disuse. Now if Darwin’s theory were to prove true, as the years go by man is likely to end up with just a huge head, a few fingers and maybe some other parts of the body that are also put to use. That is why I made it a point to say that you have to drive your self to move about. A cell phone may be convenient, but the same thing can turn out to simplify life just a little too bit. There are other arguments against the use of cell phones but that is beside our topic. What I would suggest is that at home or in your office, leave the cell phone lying about so that you can hear it ring, but can’t just reach into your pocket and answer it. See to it that you have to actually stand up and walk a few steps before you can pick it up.


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