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How come there are so many girls in this section wanting to lose weight quickly are they tryin’ to impress ppl?

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9 Responses to “How come there are so many girls in this section wanting to lose weight quickly are they tryin’ to impress ppl?”

  1. ThatDUDE92 said :


  2. sugar_rush_x3 said :

    Because of all the daym pressure!
    We have to compete will all our peers.
    Impress the guys.
    Fit in.
    Look great.

    Its tough, seriouslyy!

  3. Is said :

    yes, we are
    and i would suggest
    to stfu
    because most of us do it
    to look good for guys,
    and 99% of the time they don’t even notice.

  4. lala86 said :

    maybe but maybe they are just unhappy with the way they look and they want to feel better and lose weight for themselves…no one else…I know alot of girls are doing it because celebrities are all thin and disgusting and they think that is what they should look like and they some guys approve of that and that just reassures these girls that stick thin is in…when it is so unhealthy….

    sorry it just gets on my nerves…i try to give healthy advice everytime! =)

  5. xEleanoRx said :

    There’s lots of pressure nowadays to look good, so I guess people are just feeling self-conscious and wanting some kind advice!

  6. Marie said :

    Probably, who knows… But “losing weight quickly” doesn’t work. A) It’s mostly water weight that you’re losing, not FAT, and B) You gain it back just as quickly as you lost it.

    Not to mention how unhealthy it is for you!

    Also, losing weight to “impress people” is pretty pointless… It doesn’t keep you as motivated as when you do it to CHALLENGE yourself, and to be healthier (to impress yourself, in other words, and not others!).

  7. ColouredNeckace said :

    Its all about bodyimage.
    If you saw a new pair of trainers
    and you despo wanted them
    and your whole life had been building up to that moment
    and you thought with those shoes, you’d feel absolutely fantastictia.
    It would complete your life.
    You’d want those shoes right?
    Just like girls want to be thinner.
    So they come on Yahoo.
    And bore us.
    I myself is one of those girls 🙂

  8. lentil said :

    um well this is the diet and fitness section! what did you expect?

  9. alissa said :

    cuz our economy expects us to be sticks………….just like the supermodels..


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