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How come if you lose weight quickly you’re more likely to gain it back than if you lose it slowly?

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9 Responses to “How come if you lose weight quickly you’re more likely to gain it back than if you lose it slowly?”

  1. snowbred12 said :

    in short, you dont give your body time to adapt and it starts to crave what its used to. it thinks your going to do it again so it stores more for the next time

  2. Empress of Everything said :

    very quick weight loss is usually just water weight you are losing. It generally comes right back It takes time & excercise & eating right to lose fat.

  3. emily b said :

    Your body’s metabolism adapts to your new weight if you lose it slowly. If you lose it quickly, like starving yourself or a fad diet, you will lose the weight, and then your body will hoard all the extra calories again to try and make your body go back to the original weight.

    And losing weight slowly usually means a lifestyle change, losing it quick means a fast and temporary fix.

  4. Sammy said :

    if you lose weight quickly your more likely to gain it back because because your mostly losing water weight when you lose weight quickly.

  5. Huba said :

    Because you haven’t changed your basic eating habits; only crash dieted. As soon as you start eating the same as before, it comes back.

  6. gmd said :

    When you lose weight quickly, you most likely did it in a “drastic” way as opposed to eating according to the food pyramid guidelines. Once you start eating normally again, and you eventually will because you can’t cut back “drastically” forever, you’ll put the weight back on. If you take the weight off slowly, chances are you ate in a more realistic, nutritious way, that will be easier for you to stick to long-term.

  7. mint said :

    I dont believe in this especially if your starting weight is really high like 300 pounds. Obese people tend to lose weight fast when they start exercising. If you continue exercising, watching your diet and adapt a healthy lifestyle then you would not gain the weight back.

  8. weavera79 said :

    In most cases, this sort of rapid weight loss is a result to some extreme fad diet. The moment you go back to your old habits (or alter your new diet in any way) you gain the weight back plus more.

    That’s why it’s best not to ‘diet” but better to make a lifestyle change… (i.e. plan to cook healthier meals instead of eating fast food or replacing them with weight-loss supplements) one that you can gradually shift gears to. This is not only healthier, but your body will respond better and will allow you a better chance at keeping the weight off in the future.

  9. Sai2301 said :

    fat loss is effective only when its slow…when you go too fast you might lose water and muscle,which isnt smart at all…the fastest but optimum amount of weight to be lost in a week is 2-3 lbs only…


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