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How come I lose weight quickly from bingeing?

I haven’t binged for a month and then today (I was really bored and insecure) so I ate and I’ve probably eaten enough to gain a pound. Usually when this happens I exercise for a week and then im back to my original weight. My question is, am I still getting fatter from this even when I exercise it off and probably only do it once a month?

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4 Responses to “How come I lose weight quickly from bingeing?”

  1. hippie said :

    no no no dont binged thats really really bad for you
    shame on you

  2. John said :

    your body will get used to any thing you do so if you exersice a lot it will take a lot more out the foud u eat for fat reserves and vise versa

  3. lalitha said :
  4. Hazel said :

    Hi!!!!I don’t think that if you diet normally then you binge just ones in a month you’ll then exercise for the whole week you’ll become fatter!!!!!! I think that the best thing to do is to eat normally and give your self a limits like maybe taking 45g of chocolate just once in 2 months.I think that in this way you wouldn’t be forced to binge !!! Follow a normal diet and exercise( 1 hour of running & 100 crunches).I think that in this way you’ll be able to lose weight.!!!! xoxo Good luck


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