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how come so many people ask ‘how can i lose weight quickly’? it makes no sense.?

i think its a case of ‘get off your as$, excersize, eat more healthily and eat less fat’

why cant people come to terms with that?

why do they expect some magic measure will make them slim? some magic pill? any weight they would lose would be impermenent or superficial…


im curious to the answers given.

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8 Responses to “how come so many people ask ‘how can i lose weight quickly’? it makes no sense.?”

  1. Ryan said:

    Lol I agree. No one wants to exercise because they’re fckin lazy. They rather stay home and watch TV drinking pills and eating sweet food that supposedly lowers your weight.

  2. stephanie a said:

    I’m not fat, I’m skinny, but I think I know how they feel. I have acne and really want to get rid of it. That’s how they might feel. They want a quick solution to their problems, just like me.

  3. Fabz said:

    Personally I think quite a lot of the people that I have seen ask the ‘How can I lose weight quickly?’ question are usually fairly young and therefore aren’t as educated in the weight loss/exercise aspect of healthy living as more mature people. That doesn’t mean to say that all young people are like that or that they’re incapable of searching out the answer to the questions themselves. Also most people really can’t be arsed to exercise or cut down on junk food etc so they want results asap. If that were possible EVERYONE would be uber slim, alas tis not. That’s life!

    Also I don’t think acne is the same as being overweight as it’s mostly genetic. I understand that it’s believed that some overweight individuals may have genes that make them more prone to weight gain. Nevertheless medication doesn’t always provide a cure for acne, whereas being overweight…. You actually CAN do something about it!

  4. da rinse mode said:

    the question makes plenty of sense they have now come to terms that the are FAT … the answer as you already know is NO there is no quick way … nothing beats getting off your bum and do some walking, at least 5 kilometers 3 days a week for six months will show a big improvement ,, it will soon become a habbit and you will want to go and walk

  5. styler1189 said:

    I totally agree. Any questions in the diet section that have the word “quickly” in them should be tossed into some yahoo answers dumpster.

  6. faybio said:

    Hardly anyone studies nutrition anymore, the KEY to successful weight loss and weight control. Most people in the US are exposed to products (in print, at the gym, on TV) that make dubious, unproven claims as to their ability to aid in speedy weight loss. Paid celebrities endorse these products. (The late Anna Nicole Smith and TrimSpa come to mind.) Consumers believe the claims, thinking that if it’s in the media, it MUST be true. The consumers (millions of them) purchase the products, ingest them, and expect results, some of which trickle in. However, few use the supplements in addition to proper dieting and exercise, the secret weapon of the paid celebs, who look great after a few weeks/months of product use. The sponsor not only pays the endorser, but hires trainers and nutritionists to work with the celeb, who is contractually bound to comply with the set “program” to lose a certain amount of weight.

  7. ssssssaaaaaaaaaagcnxxxxxxx said:

    i know mean i’ve just been browsing the questions and everybody want to lose like 10-30 pounds in like 1-3 weeks and it just can’t be done they all just want to look good for school but they couldn’t think of dieting and exercising at the beginning of summer so they could actually achieve their goal but anyways i’ve been cutting out junk food since they start of summer and exercised more and i lost the amount of weight i wanted to, only like 7 pounds but that’s because i wasn’t really overweight in the first place

  8. Fit'n stylin said:



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