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How quickly can i lose weight doing this?

I’ve decided to join a gym because i’m going on holiday in just over 5 weeks and I want to tone up and lose about 8 pounds! I weigh 117 pounds at the moment, and i’m 5ft 3in. I’m telling you this just because sometimes it’s easier to help you work out how quickly an individual can loose weight.

So I was thinking of going to the gym 5 times a week for an hour each day, and using the cross trainer and running machine.
Also if I cut my calorie intake to 1,400 (which is recommended for someone of my BMI)

Will this help me lose the 8 pounds?
Hints, tips, comments in general will be much appreciated 🙂
And before anyone says it, no I don’t have an eating disorder!
I just want to tone up and lose a bit of extra weight!

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6 Responses to “How quickly can i lose weight doing this?”

  1. Cara said :

    You will lose alot of weight by this as the perfect way is to do more excersise than you take in meaning you burn more calories than your daily intake, maybe do a lot of areobics as this helps, my mom does the rosemary conoley diet it is extremly helpful as it tells you how much of something you can eat etc.
    Good luck 🙂

  2. Kylie S said :

    Yes you should lose the weight in time.
    Since you weigh 117 your body burns 1,117 calories by just sitting there.
    So if you burn about 500-1000 calories at the gym you will definitely lose the weight.



  3. eduardo said :

    Look don’t listen to Miguel that Colon cleanser doesn’t work, and as for Kylie S. just because you weigh 117 pounds doesnt mean your going to burn 1117 calories just by sitting there. come to think about it; thats the dumbest thing iv’e ever heard of. For every ten pounds of muscle you have your body burns 3,000 calories a week (keep that in mind). Doing everything you said you would do in a period of 5 weeks will be enough for you to lose 8 pounds and over. Just make sure what your eating is mostly healthy. Keep in mind that a 2,000 calorie intake of healthy food, is better then a 1,400 calorie intake of crappy food.

  4. steph meyers said :

    You should not go to the gym 5 times a week. You should work out every OTHER day. Your body needs rest too and if you do it every day, your body doesn’t have time to repair muscle tissue. Aside from going to the gym like this, you should also adjust your diet. 1400 calories a day might not be enough for you. Unless you’re well exposed to every nutrient possible.

    In the mean time, try adding cinnamon and cayenne pepper (if you can stomach it) as spices to your food. Both helps rev up your metabolism for that extra calorie burning boost.

  5. miss G said :

    Yes you will lose the weight.

    I recommend you do weights too. This will tone the muscles as you are losing the weight. Vary your workouts each day so it makes it interesting while still losing weight.

    Good Luck!!

  6. Other said :

    To keep the weight down you just have to moderate your intake while avoiding
    unhealthy foods.. eat greens and veggies and do some walking!
    Also this is a diet that can help:


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