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Will I lose weight fast doing this excercise?

I am ridding my excercise bike in my garage everyday. I live in Vegas so its hot and my garage tempature is about 105 degrees. I ride the bike for an hour solid going approx. 22 mph. I drink plenty of water during my excercise. When I am done im soaked from sweat which is a good sign right? I do this monday thru friday and take weekends off. Will this make me lose weight and will it make me lose it faster than riding just 30 minutes in air conditioning?

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4 Responses to “Will I lose weight fast doing this excercise?”

  1. ]Kiba[ said :

    at higher tempuratures the body burns more calories, so (in theory) yes u may lose weight faster in heat versus air conditioning

  2. Einstein07 said :

    Definetely! Just keep hydrated and you’d be fine. Eat healthy as well! Very important.

  3. Jimbo said :

    The heat will put greater strain on your already lovely body, so yes you will use more energy and so burn more calories. Be careful though – even though you are drinking water the initial weight lost will mostly be through loss of water..
    Don’t sweat it babe – you’re gorgeous anyway. If we weren’t thousands of miles away I’d be all over you like a rash… grrrrr… 🙂

  4. Jeff d said :

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