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will I lose weight fast if I do this?

I’m drinking 1 slim fast shake in the morning and another 1 at night and I’m walking 30 minutes a day. Do you think that I can lose weight fast by doing this?

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11 Responses to “will I lose weight fast if I do this?”

  1. lulu said :

    u will lose wieght but not fast try stepping your work out from walking to running! u will see a difference

  2. Guess Who? said :

    No, if you follow the health plan of the Slim Shake… You need to have a balanced meal in between & snacks.

    Drink water also.

  3. Amanda P said :

    It’s okay to eat you know. You are just starving yourself and your body is not used to that starvation. Just have your shake in the morning , salad for lunch (low-fat dressing if any dressing), and some vegetable dinner , then nothing after dinner. Walk on a treadmill 30 minutes every day also! Good Luck!!!!!!!!

  4. Fartin Flirt said :

    uh yeah you have to eat to lose weight going on liquid diets sound gross and I know eating real food sounds more appealing then that so stick to eating healthy and exercising regularly. You don’t instantly lose weight so just keep that in mind.

  5. emi.brown said :

    i would say not ur not giving ur body enough to go on!

    exercise is gd but make sure u have 3 balanced meals a day or 6 mini meals aswell eating off a blue plate can help you not feel so hungry and not eat as much!

  6. Joe_Floggs said :

    not at all. The problem is that you’re body doesn’t work that way. When you starve yourself your body goes into ‘danger’ mode and reduces metabolism to conserve as much energy store as it can, i.e. it makes sure it can function with the least amount of energy expenditure.

    This will make you feel incredibly tired as the brain is functioning on less energy (headaches will be common) and general tiredness. When you do eat normally again the body will asimilate the calories aggresively and you’ll find you put the weight on very fast again! Ouch!

    the atkins will help you loose weight fast but in the worst possible way. It will send your liver into ketosis and you’ll smell terrible! Then when you touch carbs again you’ll balloon.

    The best way is to eat a little less, exercise a bit more and cut out things like white bread, and white pasta. Obviously, replace snacks with things like fruit and nuts and you’ll find yourself with more energy and also you’ll really notice the weight loss after two weeks.

    PM for recipes

  7. LOOK AT ME said :

    you will lose wieght, but its unhealthy. If thats it. you should eat more than that. or you might, sorry, will go to the E.R.

  8. Gregory S said :

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  9. fevb said :

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  10. Shan M said :

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  11. Bea Stroope said :

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