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What would happen if i did this and will i lose weight fast?

What would happen if one day i ate one or two meals and then didn’t eat the next day amd then eat every other day like that for a couple months and just drank a bunch of water in the days i don’t eat? I really need to lose weight i’m like 70 pounds over weight!

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7 Responses to “What would happen if i did this and will i lose weight fast?”

  1. NANY said :

    do the tuna diet is better.

  2. Matt Levin said :

    well your body will just catch up with it’s self theres no short cuts you will just end up gaining even more weight

  3. perfectvelvet said :

    Be smart about your weight loss. Eating every other day is not smart. Most likely, you would end up binging, which would make you gain a lot more weight.

    I lost 40 pounds in 4.5 months. How? Eating 1500 calories a day and working out for at least 30 minutes a day. Works perfectly. I still eat whatever I want, although I try to make healthy choices. I drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

    Losing weight is not hard; you just have to be willing to make smart decisions. Try eating half of everything you normally eat for a week. Start walking 10 minutes a day. Gradually increase that amount, add some other cardio. In time, you’ll see real results that didn’t require you to try to kill yourself through starvation.

  4. KB™ said :

    so get off your ass and exercise

  5. Georgia said :

    no you’ll just ruin your metabolism. start from having 1500cals in a day then drop 150cals to 1350 the next day then drop another 150 the next. then keep dropping 100 til you get to like 600 and increase your excercise. that way you wont put it back on when you eat.

  6. littlemisssunshine said :

    it would slow your metalbolism down, meaning when you did eat, all of it would be stored as fat, instead of energy. trust me, i’ve been there&done that, and let me tell’d be gaining weight. the best way to lose weight is 80% diet. not meaning skip meals. you should actually have 4-6 meals a day. but SMALL meals. eat whenever your hungry. but healthy food! don’t eat carbs in the late evening or after lunchtime. because then it’ll be stored as fat, since carbs give you energy, then you won’t be needing it. so if you’d like to eat any pasta or bread or anything, do it during lunchtime or in the morning! (: the way to lose weight is to burn more, or use more fat than you take in. meaning burn it off! just get active! go to the gym! that’s what i do! i love it now. no soda! no junk food! if you want a snack in between meals then eat then pick either some nuts, a yogurt, a trailmix bar to eat!

  7. Mr. L said :

    It may sound like a good idea but it’s really not. Your going to over eat those one or two meals. Skipping meals are the worst things you can do anyways. Breakfast is a meal you shouldn’t skip it kicks off your metabolism in the morning which will really help you. What you should do is eat 4-6 meals. 3 average sized meals and 2 small snacks. Drink a cup or two of water with the meals since its recommended to drink 8 glasses a day anyways. Just think eat healthy meals and not to over eat the water with meals help prevent you from over eating. Simple snacks to eat can be yogurt, nuts, fruits, or even meal replacement shakes but be sure to read the nutrition facts not all of them are good for you. Mix a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis will help you drop the weight


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