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What would be the best way to lose weight fast? Is there a good way to lose weight?

I’m going to college in september and i want to be thin by then. I am hoping to lose about 2 stone. I have about 5 months to do it. Is this enough time to lose it in? whats the best way to lose it?
By the way, I’m a 15 year old male.

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13 Responses to “What would be the best way to lose weight fast? Is there a good way to lose weight?”

  1. branddxb said :

    here is what my dietician recommends – follow a practical diet. Make sure your plate has this ratio – 50% veg, 25% carb, 25% protein. eat 900 gms of veggies a day. Start your meal with a big salad or soup. have a snack every three hours. fruit (ideally berries) or soy nuts. just 2 tablespoons of soya nuts subside hunger pangs lose one kilo a week. that is the ideal. even if you dont lose all of two stones, with exercise u will lose inches so u will look slimmer.
    Pick an exercise regime you like. buy a pedometer, and take 10,000 steps a day.

    for exercise, can you afford to buy a good quality trampoline? 5 min on a tramp + 30 min on a treadmill. and it is a whole lot healthier.

  2. N_L_ said :

    eat more vegetables while u eat less snack

    better do more sports

  3. Renu G said :

    Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options for you.


  4. Sai2301 said :

    aim to lose weight safely rather than quickly so that whatever weight you lose stays off for good..aim to burn not more than 5 pounds of excess body fat a week…eat a sensible diet rich in lowfat dairy,steamed fishes,green tea,fresh fruits and lots of fibrous veggies..workout 5 or 6 days weekly(at least brisk walk an hour daily) or pick a variety of workouts you like and do it sincerely..

  5. Blizzard23 said :

    5 months is plenty of time.

    Walk at least an hour, non-stop, per day
    The body is designed to walk. Research shows that slow, rhythmic movement exercise, such as walking, resets your body’s weight set point and creates a thin, lean body. A one-hour walk everyday will change your body dramatically in as little as one month.

    Eat a big breakfast
    It is interesting to note that 80 percent of the people who are overweight eat a small breakfast or none at all. Eighty percent of thin people eat a large breakfast. Your breakfast should consist of as much as you want of the following items. Everything listed should be organic. Apples, pears, berries, kiwis, pineapples, grapefruit, plums, peaches, prunes, figs, rye bread, raw butter (raw means not pasteurized and not homogenized), raw milk, plain yogurt (this means no sugar or fruit), wild smoked salmon, beef in any form as long as it’s organic, chicken in any form as long as it’s organic, lamb in any form as long as it’s organic, tuna, sardines, eggs, tomatoes, peppers, salsa, celery, carrots, any vegetable, potatoes in limited amounts, coffee in limited amounts made with pure water not tap water with raw milk or cream and raw evaporated sugar cane juice or honey as a sweetener, real tea (not tea in tea bags).

    Eat a huge salad at lunch & dinner
    I don’t care if your lunch is a cheeseburger, French fries, and a pint of ice cream, add to it a big, huge salad and eat that first. You’ll be amazed that you lose weight. The salad can contain anything you like as long as it is only vegetables and they are organic. The salad dressing should be organic olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, or organic vinegar. If you really want to speed the weight loss process use organic apple cider vinegar. Add some organic sea salt, fresh ground pepper, or some garlic for taste.

    for more tips on losing weight check out my site there is a link to it in my profile.

  6. yitch said :

    5 months? yes its totally plenty of time however, u need to promise urself as long term. hrm, all u need to do is to kick ur bad habits out and eat three meals(healthy food only) drink waters lots and hit the gym daily! sleep 8 hours daily. so take these seriously then u will get wht u want.

  7. Josh L said :

    Haha. Branddxb got it right for the dieting part, but basically follow the simple rules of losing weight (i’m assuming you’re a girl):

    1) DON’T BINGE/SNACK (This is one of the worst and simplest things to completely derail a weight-loss plan)
    2) Diet, don’t starve (when you starve you are essentially losing protein weight, which means your muscles are becoming weaker, when you diet you are minimizing fat intake while staying healthy)
    3) Exercize (for a girl), running for about 40 minutes on a treadmill will help you burn 20 minutes worth of fat, and it’s one of the easiest ways too, or if you are a guy or a good swimmer, swim! (Guys, don’t run too much long distance cos it will eventually make you leaner and skinnier instead of muscular, unless that is wad you are looking for xD)
    4) Eat light dinners
    5) Get rid of temptations, like ask your mom to stop buying snacks, get rid of high-calorie fat snacks at home
    6) And yes, 5 months is enough for a girl. If you are a guy you would probably need 3 months. You just need lots of determination and hard work and focus on the goal.

    Good luck!

  8. arch said :


  9. Cute girl said :

    Here is for losing weight within 7 days
    First day
    Breakfast – a cup of coffee with no sugar and cream
    Lunch – Grilled chicken
    Dinner – 5 pieces of pine apple
    Second day
    Breakfast – a cup of coffee with no sugar and cream
    Lunch – a bowl of noodle
    Dinner – a cup of yogurth
    Thirth day
    Breakfast – a cup of milk with no sugar
    Lunch – boiled fish
    Dinner – 5-6 pieces of guava
    Forth day
    Breakfast – a cup of coffee with no sugar and cream
    Lunch – Grilled chicken
    Dinner – 5 pieces of pine apple
    Fifth day
    Breakfast – a cup of coffee with no sugar and cream
    Lunch – a piece of steak
    Dinner – a cup of yogerth
    Sixth day
    Breakfast – a cup of tea
    Lunch – a dish of salad
    Dinner – 5 pieces of pine apple
    Breakfast – a cup of coffee with no sugar and cream
    Lunch – Grilled chicken
    Dinner – 5 pieces of apple
    You have to arrobic dance at least 30 minutes each day.
    you will loose you weight..

  10. Mum Mum said :

    Easy, Whatever you put on your plate, only eat half if it. It’s easy , no weighing food ,counting calories and the weight will fall off you.Hope this helps.

  11. Marry M said :

    want to lose some weight.need tips… follow the below.
    eat only fatless foods,
    drink more fresh juices,
    do lot of heavy workouts,
    select a perfect diet for you.

    for more info visit the below website.

  12. mark t said :

    have 1.5 to 2kms walk, add soups in meel

  13. Sfhn F said :

    well the best way is portion control

    but how would i kno im a recovering bulimic


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