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Best method for a tween to lose weight fast?

I’m 12, 4’10”, and about 103 pounds. I’m looking to lose about 10-15 pounds. Any tips?

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5 Responses to “Best method for a tween to lose weight fast?”

  1. David said :

    get off this site and exercise.

  2. . said :

    changing your diet to only healthy foods is the best thing you can do and will ensure you will lose weight if combine with walking everyday especially.

    you can eat how much you like if you stay within these 3 guidelines and still lose fat naturally and gradually. You should lose 10lbs each month on average. only steamed lean meats, eggs, healthy fruits ,vegetables, nuts, grains, & yogurt..2. drink only water, juice, & milk..3. walk or do some physical exercise 1-3 hour every day.

    (btw, recommend you also to buy an electronic food steamer ((Very cheap)) and a rice cooker as makes it very easy to prepare healthy meals ,,add a bit of olive oil and pepper, spices on top of steamed vegeatables, fish or chicken to add more taste if wish as these are healthy too.)

  3. Dr Frank said :

    A 12 year old who is 103 pounds and is 4 feet and 10 inches tall has a body mass index of 21.6, which is at the 84th percentile, and would indicate a healthy weight.

  4. mrs wilson54 said :

    yes exercise an eat a healty diet

  5. Geno Julee said :

    Loosing weight fast is always an unhealthy thing.
    There are many diets who tell you that you can loose a lot of weight in no time. And it is working, but you are doing no good to your body. And there’s also the Jojo-effect.
    The best thing to lose and hold a healthy weight is healthy food, less sugar, lots of drinking water, and sports.
    Diet has to begin in your head. And you already started to think about your nutrition. That’s an important step. It is too easy just to make a magazine-diet for 2-3 weeks and loose some weight. But it will come back soon again. If you are over-thinking your nutrition and activity, you will have a constantly good result. Isn’t that much better and healthier than a crash-diet ?


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