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i want to lose weight fast is there something besides good dieting and exercise that good to zap tummy fat?

i had a baby a year ago and i want to lose this belly fat what can i take to lose it

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6 Responses to “i want to lose weight fast is there something besides good dieting and exercise that good to zap tummy fat?”

  1. That Guy! said:

    Aside from crack, diet and exercise is the only way.

  2. King Julien said:

    Easiest thing to do is planks. To answer your question No. There is no safe way to lose weight without diet and/or exercise. Diet pills will kill your kidneys and heart. Everything else is a bunch of marketing schemes that dont work. Try doing crunches as soon as you wake up. It helps boost your metabolism for the whole day.

  3. deekay said:

    Hi stefanim,

    I may have a solution. Have you heard of Nutritional Cleansing?

    Check out for more info.

    Good Luck,


  4. Andre said:

    Belly fat is alway hard to lose after a baby, personally i can’t do sit up to save my life and hate to sweat so the next best thing is to change my eating habits but I find that vey hard to do if you don’t have self-control. I was researching abs about a couple of weeks ago and came across this particle belly fat program that lots of people are giving very high reviews but there also other free tip site that i like alot i hope one of these two site will help and good luck on losing the belly fat !


  5. Nakita Bertelson said:

    Il ya tellement de gens qui n’ont tout simplement pas de valeur ajoutée à ajouter aux travaux OP, donc s’il vous plaît essayer d’amener une discussion plus constructive à ce poste. Je sais que je ne suis pas en train de faire quelque chose de constructif avec cette annonce, mais je tenais à vous le dire à ce sujet.

  6. Santiago Zadra said:

    Ammiro ciò che avete fatto qui. Mi piace la parte in cui si dice che si sta facendo questo per dare indietro ma vorrei assumere da parte di tutti i commenti che sta lavorando per voi pure. Avete qualche più informazioni?


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