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what is a good diet and cal. intake if you want to lose weight fast?

what r some good breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack if you want to lose weight fast? And what r some good exercises to burn a lot of fat everywhere?

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2 Responses to “what is a good diet and cal. intake if you want to lose weight fast?”

  1. Vyky said :

    as my experience showed that the best workout is running. u burn calories like crazy by doing it.
    And I usually have for breakfast either cheerios(look on the label one serving size follow that) and milk is fat free or cottage cheese Fat free with some strawberries.
    On lunch I ate tuna sald without dressing and drank water. then when i got home I ate maybe rice or a fruit or other kind of salad.
    and i didn’t eat after 6-7 pm drink only water and workout everyday and intake 1000-1200 calories per day

  2. emma, :] said :

    it’s all in the lifestyle change, diets fail 🙂
    eat 1,200-1,500 calories a day and do high intensity cardio such as jump roping, jogging, dancing, aerobics, cycling, gym etc!

    (one workout)
    many lunges and squats with weights in your hands to make it even more intense, do it to your favorite music so you don’t get bored
    -do 30 squats
    -jog on the spot for a minute
    -do another 30 squats
    -jog for a minute
    -15 lunges on one leg
    -15 on the other
    -jog for a minute
    -15 lunges on one leg
    -15 on the other
    -jog for a minute

    do this as often as you can as doesnt take up much time, 10/15 minutes max?! gets your legs burning so you know you’ve done a good job and your heart gets racing, its knackering haha so do make sure you stretch well before 🙂

    (sit up routine)
    -100 normal sit ups
    -50 left sit ups
    -50 right sit ups
    -50 sit ups with your legs flat x 2

    once in the morning and once in the evening =D
    i lost 4lbs the first week, and if i didn’t mess up my metabolism by starving myself then eating to starving again then it would’ve been more without a doubt! eat healthily, and eat crap in moderation if you have to eat the bad food :]

    some healthy snack ideas for your sugary cravings;
    bag of snack’a’jacks – 90cals
    hartleys pots of jelly – 10cals < amazing eh =D low fat rice cakes - 28cals per cracker have sweetner instead of sugar - per tsp 2cals go ahead bars - 79cals per slice low fat yoghurt - 80-100 cals brown bread - 88 cals per slice cereal bars - usually around 80-120 fruits + veggies! pink'n'whites marshmellow wafers - 50 cals =D dont deny yourself of all unhealthy foods, have a treat, funsize snack bars usually around 70cals snack on 30grams of cereal - usually between 100-120cals hope this helped you 🙂 you CAN do it, just stay commited 🙂 best of luck xo


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