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What are some good diet plans to lose weight fast?

I have always been self-conscious about my weight and I want to start losing some weight.

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2 Responses to “What are some good diet plans to lose weight fast?”

  1. Mike M said :

    if u only drink water… and i mean ONLY i guarantee u u will lose 5 lbs.

  2. Anthony Canton said :

    Hello I have 3 easy ways

    1. Is drink water if you drink lots of water it flushes the body and helps to lose weight!!

    2. The next way is to eat 5 times a day the helps the main meal is breakfast. And snacks throw out the day. No bigger than your fist. Another good way is to eat a fist full every 2 hours no big meals.

    3. Weights… you need to extersize at least 4 times a week the more and harder you work the more you get out of it…

    lastly if you need somemore help there are some pills that i have used that really help i have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months useing them. I will post a link for a FREE trial so you can try let me know how this helps you


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