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How would I lose weight fast and gain abs?

Im 16 yrs old Male and i want to gain abs 🙂 im now starting to do that abs exercises (sit ups, etc) and it works, i have 2 packs of abs haha but its not that obvious. also help me and what are some of the ways to lose weight? I do jogging every morning (sometimes in the afternoon). Does jogging really help me to burn and lose fat?
Im 5’5 and 51 kg

Thanks for your help! 🙂

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2 Responses to “How would I lose weight fast and gain abs?”

  1. chris b said :

    At 16 your body is still growing. I know what it’s like but try not to stress too much yet.

    Don’t confuse people who are very skinny and seem to have a six pack for people who are fit with a ripped six pack. Everybody has a six pack, just some can’t be seen yet…

    Running, walking, swimming high cardio exercise helps to get you cut, but that means you need to put on weight first.

    Basically, you are what you eat. Eat well, exercise regularly, don’t eat junk food or too many sweets and at your age, your body will show your efforts in very little time.

    Good luck!

  2. SUP said :

    don’t eat just work out


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