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If I do this routine will i lose weight fast?

briskly walk 2 miles (an hour) in the morning, and then briskly walk 2 miles (forty five mintues) at night and have only 1000 calories a day, will I lose weight fast?

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5 Responses to “If I do this routine will i lose weight fast?”

  1. Sweet.But.Sinful said :

    Um not sure about fast and how fast but i assume you will lose about three pounds during a week.

  2. Meg said :

    yes, you will….that sounds like a pretty good workout. youre doing cardiovascular activity for more than 30min. daily, which is good, and you’re cutting out bad stuff from your diet (hopefully). you can increase your calorie limit up to 2000 as long as you stick to the healthy stuff.

    you might want to eventually challenge yourself and start jogging/running instead of brisk walking if that gets too easy.

  3. music_literature_freak said :

    Losing weight fast is not healthy for your body. Try to stick to 2-3 pounds a week in weight loss, no more than that. If you lose more than that, it’s probably water weight.

  4. Broken Glass said :

    You’re missing the muscle toning part. You can lift weights, go up and down stairs, do squats, situps and pushups….etc. Basically, the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn because muscles actually burn calories.

    By the way, Paul Ding, your answer is not only absurd but it proves that you know nothing about dieting 😉

  5. Paul Ding said :

    No, that probably won’t work.

    Walking 4 miles a day might make your legs, lungs and heart more muscular, or perhaps you’re already that muscular. If you are more muscular, you will gain weight.

    You can lose up to 10% of your proper body weight with a low calorie diet, although you’ll eventually gain all that weight back, even if you remain at that low body weight. Raw bacon and rancid tuna are especially good for rapid weight loss.

    For permanent weight loss, you have a couple of choices. There’s the so-called Stihl Diet, where you can switch to wood heat, and lose a limb in a chainsaw accident. Alternatively, you can contract a serious incurable illness such as AIDS.


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