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what is a good work out routine where i can lose weight fast and gain muscle?

i just need to lose some weight, i really want to get down to about 180 and im at 210….it shouldnt be hard, but it seems that i just can’t lose any weight quickly… any workout plan would be appricated.

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5 Responses to “what is a good work out routine where i can lose weight fast and gain muscle?”

  1. dynazti31 said :


  2. Think About It said :

    To lose the weight, start jogging or get on a good treadmill routine. To gain weight, you can start building muscle with resistance trainging. Just be sure it is a good routine that works for you.

  3. GARY B said :

    cut your calorie count and walk and i mean walk hard until it hurts then slow down and then start hard again and always think of something pleasant to grt your mind off the task at hand. it is hard the human body seems to want to destroy itself so you have to reverse that

  4. gerkyr said :

    There is none. If you work out then you will gain muscle by default and loose wait as well, but you need to do it first, whatever it is. And any plan is good, it just doesn’t matter, just WORK OUT, and there is no quick way by definition by the way

  5. GFR said :,, ex/ are good sites for the details you need.


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