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How much weight can I lose on this crash diet?

If you have anything negative to say keep it to yourself because it won’t change my mind set any. I’ve been on a healthy 6 small meals a day diet for the last 2 months and have dropped 30 pounds, but a big event is coming up and I’m needing to drop more weight, more quickly.

I was wondering if I worked out for 2 hours everyday I.e. dancing in my room, crunches, knee lifts with my medicine ball and all I ate was less than 400 calories a day for the next 30-35 days how much weight can I lose?

No I won’t die I’m use to intense workout and little food, the only reason I am overweight to began with is I just gave birth to my beautiful triplet boys… how much weight would I loose on that crash diet if I stuck to it?

(Yes! I’m fully aware I would gain that weight back)

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4 Responses to “How much weight can I lose on this crash diet?”

  1. weindrasi said:

    Really, it depends on your individual body. You’d lose some, but why bother losing weight you’ll only re-gain? When you do gain again, it will probably be much more then you lost and you will probably not be able to lose it very easily, whether you try it the healthy way or not. I understand that you want to look good for this upcoming event, but why not keep doing what you are now and lose that weight… forever?

  2. Lalei<3 said:

    how bout instead of going under a 1000 calories and risking the damage to you brain and muscles cut out all fat and eat high fat burning foods and I heard drinking a glass of milk every morning helps you burn fat easier as well

    when I lost 40lbs in a month it was from eating twice a day food that would fuel me and burn the fat more effiencently and walking everywhere constantly… and I really mean that since I was on the move from 6 to 6 going all over town but I lived in atlanta then and there are really so many places to go there

    just try to keep it at 1000 cals and eat no trans fat and as little sugar and sat fat as possible

  3. MOOve over! BOTTOM contributer! said:

    so then why are you doing it if know know it’s going to fail?

    that makes absolutely no sense whatso ever.

    and that weight may double.. then you’ll be worse off than before this craptastic diet!

    sheesh, this is insane.

    how about just eating right.. primary vegetable diet of fresh produce and exercise? ain’t that easy enough?

  4. Jess = ] said:

    you won’t lose the weight i crash dieted for 3 months and i exercised, i ended up putting on 4 pounds!
    by all means if you think it will work do it, but there’s my advice.


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