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How much weight will you lose on the raw food diet?

I am currently on the master cleanse and am finding it very difficult. I am desperate to eat something but also desperate to lose weight! Please help!

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4 Responses to “How much weight will you lose on the raw food diet?”

  1. junoisme55 said :

    1st- dont go raw for weight loss, do it only for health or animal rights
    2nd- you will only lose weight on that diet if you exercise with it
    3rd- i didnt lose a pond since becoming vegan or vegetarian

  2. Jason said :

    No one can say for certain because we do not know your metabolism, how much you exercise, and how many calories you will be taking in everyday.

  3. Jordan S. (NOT a boy) said :

    You keep loosing until your a good weight.

  4. trenardy said :

    Well I lost loads of weight when I changed to a raw vegan lifestyle – dropped from size 18 to size 12 in a very short space of time.

    Raw vegan is different from vegetarian and vegan. You can be overweight on a vegetarian and vegan diet but it is almost impossible to be overweight on a raw vegan diet.

    The lady on this link did also:

    With raw vegan (as long as you avoid the richness of raw gourmet) you will lose weight and there is no real restriction on food. I ate loads of food but still lost the weight.

    I did it for health reasons, not to lose weight, the weight lose was just a positive side-effect.

    When you go raw vegan (after the initial detox, which may make you tired) you will have loads of energy and want to exercise.

    I personally think the Master Cleanse is a strange idea because you can’t be on it forever and when you return to your normal diet, the weight will pile back on.

    With raw vegan you do it as a life-long lifestyle choice – if you so wish.



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