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How much weight could I lose following this diet plan?

Breakfast – Branflakes with Skimmed milk
Snack – Nectrine
Lunch – Rice cakes and philly & yogurt
Snack – Pasta with Tuna
Dinner – Fruit/Veg Juice

I will be working out 1 hr in morning (cardio weight training) and doing a combat class or something similar in the evening

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10 Responses to “How much weight could I lose following this diet plan?”

  1. Gladiator said :

    The pasta messes up your diet. Don’t eat pasta when you’re dieting.

    Skip the weight training. Muscle only burns significant calories if you have the muscle mass of a well built man.

    Other than that, you will lose weight very quickly. Up to 3 pounds of fat per week, plus additional water weight. It will be tough. As an experienced wrestler, I have doubts that you will be able to hold that diet for more than a couple weeks while exercising that much. Prove me wrong.

  2. Beth said :

    sounds pretty good. i think you could lose quite a lot of weight. dont push yourself too hard though. x

  3. Kiril said :

    We spend our hard earned money to purchase various things including the food that we eat. It is this food that causes accumulation of fat on our bellies (for men) and at the buttocks (for women).

    please start doing kapalbhati pranayam as advised by baba Ramdev in Aastha channel for 10 minutes daily

    stay away from fast foods . foods with allot of preservatives . and NO SODA . i bet you drink lots dont you . STOP IT you have no idea just how bad that is for you . and preservatives slow down your metabolism . but that is not your problem . you are so tied up in what you think others think . learn to be self absorbed , shallow , inconsiderate .

    When you are losing weight, you should exercise and diet together.
    If you exercise without dieting, you will get bigger appetite, which
    will lead to increase of weight, or muscle grow
    underneath the fat layer, and make you bulkier. If you diet without
    exercising, you will become flabby and will have excess skin.. If
    you don’t eat wheat then you don’t eat all those sticky, fatty goey
    cakes, you don’t eat junk food, and you don’t eat biscuits. But your
    diet is still balanced. For exercising,
    start with walking, and then switch to running/jogging. Running is the
    most efficient and calorie-burn exercise ever..
    I am giving you a diet below that is used for maximum fitness and people who are exercising well, you can modify it according to your needs.

    1. Plan to eat 4-5 meals a day. In each meal you should have 1 complex carb such as brown rice, whole wheat products, 1 fibrous carb – such as green vegetables / fruits and 1 lean protein such as egg whites, whey protein etc.. Reduce the portions so you eat once in 3 hours or so.

    If you can’t eat 5 meals, try for 4 – break up your single large lunch or dinner into two parts.

    2. Having now decided to eat 4-5 meals and knowing what to eat in each meal, here’s good vegetarian stuff for in each of the three categories –

    Complex carb
    Whole wheat bread
    Whole wheat pasta
    Brown rice (long grain brown basmati rice is okay, though not so effective)
    Chappattee or paratha (with no ghee) made out whole wheat atta – use flaxseed / sunflower oil / even olive oil to make the parathas – use minimal oil though
    Oatmeal – this is an excellent food, here’s an indian way of eating it – mix with plan low fat yogurt, add green chilli pickles or chat masala, add some raw onions, cucumbers and nutrela soya chunks soaked in
    water – this gives you healthy carbs, protein together. You can also have oatmeal kichadi (don’t be surprised, it works)

    Dals of all types cooked with minimal oil

    Potatoes, yam etc.. – cooked in gravy or boiled and stir fry with spices, again, less oil and only the oils mentioned above

    Unfortunately, white rice, basmati rice (unless it is brown basmati rice found in the US), maida are bad for health. You have to eat whole wheat atta products only or brown rice.

    Simple / fibrous carbs

    All vegetable dry curries without any compromise on spices (spice it up as much as you like), use less oil though and don’t overcook, use only the oils recommended above earlier

    All vegetable gravies (no paneer sorry) cooked with minimal oil, make the same gobi mutter gravy with very less oil, you can use all the spices you want

    All fruits

    Lean protein
    If you eat non-veg, you should eat chicken breast and fish – these are healthy sources of lean protein. Cook it with spices but less oil.

    If you are vegetarian, here’s where you have very few options.

    Egg white omlette (are eggs okay with you?)
    Nutrela soya chunks in tomato gravy or any type soya curry – remember though that soya chunks from Nutrela are not exactly lean proteins, they also have higher carbohydrates
    Whey protein powder mixed in low or fat free milk, add hershey’s sugar free syrup if you have, add very little sugar or use splenda or stevia, add fruits if you still find the taste difficult
    Non fat or low fat cottage cheese
    Pulses and lentils – all dals, peas and beans have proteins but they have carbs as well, so really they should come under complex carb foods. If you are unable to get whey protein / non fat dairy products, then you may have dals as lower sources of proteins, but remember that they will not have as high protein and also have higher carbs. Chana, rajma etc.. can be eaten for protein, but when you eat these, you may possibly not eat too many chappattis since the chana itself has protein and carbs both. Eating chappattis and chole will give you too many carbs.

    Tofu, bean curd etc.. – same as soya chunks

    Proteins are very much needed when you exercise.

    Your body needs the good fats – use sunflower oil, flaxseed oil for your cooking. Try eating avocados, but that is about all. Don’t eat fried or fatty foods or very oily food. No chocolates, snacks, etc..

    3. Drink a lot of wat

  4. rookie35m said :

    to the idiot above: pasta does not mess up a diet.

    To the O.P. You need to add more protein and probably calories to maintain fat loss and prevent muscle loss.

  5. AlizeeGoesHECTIC said :

    Okay so here is the modified diet plan.
    Breakfast – Leave it as it is
    Snack – Leave it as it is
    Lunch – 4 Rice cakes
    Snack – If using canned tuna, make sure you use tuna in brine not in oil
    Dinner – Leave it as it is

    If you do these changes you’d probably lose 11lbs/5kgs in a month. If you want to lose more weight that I suggest you skip the lunch

  6. Man United said :

    Well,that sounds like a perfect balanced diet,but one thing I wanna
    tell you is don’t do dieting;it’s not good for you.You don’t receive all
    the nutrients.So,however,I advice you not to eat junk food,if you really
    wanna lose your weight.You can eat once a week,that’s enough!
    Lunch is perfect because you need carbohydrates too when when
    you are losing weight.Don’t take too many fats like cheese,butter.Take
    natural fats like in potato etc. and take natural sugar like in any fruit
    etc.Breakfast’s also perfect and dinner too,but snacks !
    I’ve seen some answers who said Don’t eat pasta! That’s wrong,you
    sure can.Only pasta can’t increase your weight,if you be hungry
    throughout the day,your metabolism slows down,it’s not good!
    But I would even like to add one more thing to snacks,obviously fruits
    and vegetables don’t increase our weight,so you must have a veggie
    as a snack.You should eat 2 or 3 vegetables ( at least ).and 2 fruits !!
    I see,there is one more thing missing from your diet,calcium.You need
    it everyday,yes! There is yogurt,but you need at least 2 cups of calcium,so drink milk too.Now,that’s a balanced diet;if you take all
    the nutrient you won’t only lose your weight,you’ll also get fit !
    Oh,one more thing,I hope you don’t do this,but everyday have a different diet,but should contain all the nutrients.You can even use
    the food pyramid.Here -
    Good Luck !

  7. Mumsey said :

    Dinner would be better with lots of fresh vegetables
    And reverse Snack & Dinner or Snack & Lunch

  8. BabeHeart said :

    You need more protein in there, and make sure your calories are at least 1200.

    How much you lose is up to you…you’ll lose if you eat right and exercise, until you decide to stop losing and maintain.

    Do it right…otherwise you’ll just regain it and have to do it all over again. Eating too little is a sure way of causing weight re-gain.

  9. InteractiveJunkie said :

    As you already know, the simple rule of thumb that people need to follow is burning more calories than you take in. you diet looks pretty good,
    the key is consistency.

    Here are a few links that should help:

  10. dieting slimming said :

    I think you need a bit more protein in your diet, otherwise you risk loosing more muscle than fat. As regards pasta, I don’t think there is anything wrong with including pasta in your diet plan, although I would suggest eating wholemeal pasta as it is more nutritious and releases its energy more slowly.


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