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Will I be able to lose some weight with this plan?

Hey there, so I am on my way to starting to eat healthier, I am cutting most junk food out of my diet. (I will allow myself to splurge on a little thing once every 3 weeks.) And I plan on only eating when I’m hungry, or about 3 small meals a day, with 2 snacks in between. And I am planning to start to walk and such and I am going to buy a bike and start riding that everday. And I am going to do cardio everday.

I would like to lose about 50 pounds in a few months. So, would I be able to lose the weight with this plan if I do it thoughout the year? And when I ca’t bike, I am going to the gym and using a bike there. So, again, would I be able to lose some weight with this?

And if you have any cardio excersies that are fun to do, please do tell. 😀


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One Response to “Will I be able to lose some weight with this plan?”

  1. Huynh l said :

    umm you can’t lose 50 pounds in a few months, you have to starve you selve if you want to lose 50 pounds, and yes you will lose alot of pounds if you sick with that plan and after you lose alot of pounds don’t just think that you cant gain them back, you still have to keep eating healthy food and no fast food well? at least ounce a month you can try some naked yoga they help you smooth your body out alot


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