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I want to diet and lose weight, tell me a quick and easy menu plan for a day please, i am going to try some.?

I want to diet and lose weight, tell me a quick and easy menu plan for a day please, i am going to try some.

Breakfast, lunch and tea, i don’t have much time, and am not the best cook!

So please give me some recommendation menu plans.

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6 Responses to “I want to diet and lose weight, tell me a quick and easy menu plan for a day please, i am going to try some.?”

  1. Guillermo T said :

    Just eat always half of a portion.

  2. babygirl13 said :

    OK well try some of those protein bars and some of those propel drinks and exercise real good and don’t eat candy or drink soda.

  3. Schultzie_OL said :

    3 whole eggs, 2 pieces of 12 grain, glass of milk

    protein shake, piece of fruit, fish oil

    Chicken breast, 1 cup rice, 1 cup steamed veggies glass of milk

    protein shake, fish oil, piece of fruit

    Steak, glass of milk, 1 cup steamed veggies

    1 tin tuna, flax oil, handful of nuts

    cardio 3x a week, weights 3x a week (bench/row/squat)

  4. nutskcihtr said :

    there is no “quick” way to lose weight. u need to eat lots of fruits and veggies, only limited sweets every other day. exercise regularly and maybe get a membership at a local workout placce that has a pool, track, etc. swim, run, etc. just be sure u stay healthy!
    good luck! ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. helenmadwoman said :

    Breakfast..the MOST important refuelling meal of the day, so don’t SKIP it please… if you do your diet will be unaffective and your metabolism will use stored fats BUT also increase your insulin levels and thus counteract all your efforts as it lowers your blood sugars.
    Also, keep your proportions right 60% protein – fish, chicken, small amounts red meats, lean other meats; even smoked hams, tofu, quark and soya beans and 40% complex carbohydrates – brown rice, wholemeal pasta, multigrain bread/crisp breads…which include fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, lentils + pulses,fresh and dried fruits…
    30gram portion porridge or meusli with added fruits and pot of natural youghurt a top OR
    2 slices multigrain and seed bread… smear of butter or olive spread…with either 2 slice of smoked ham or skinless chicken or poached egg
    OR berry fruits – blueberries / raspberries / blackberries /strawberries / fresh fig / apricots) – topped with probiotic yoghurt
    OR natural yoghurt with mixed fruit berries and made into a smoothie but put in pumpkin .. sesame.. hazel nuts ..couple cashew nuts into blender too to increase protien %%

    multigrain crisp bread with humous or any protein leftovers ie: some chopped chicken
    Or fruit smoothie or piece of fruit

    Green leafy salad, small portion wholemeal pasta or brown rice or multigrain rye crisp breads, topped with (or have on aplate) portion oily fish like mackerel or skinless chicken or stir-fried tofu with some pasto sauce

    Afternoon snack – similar to mid morning

    Similar to above – lunch

    I’ve not been specific as I don’t know if you are a vegetarian?? But the important thing is prtion size and eat little and often that is 5 times a day to keep the blood sugars up and this means that your metabolism/digestive system has to WORK by being active often and this will BURN the calories and the fat stores BURN too.
    DRINK loads of WATER… decaf tea / coffee .. cut alcohol too ..EXERCISE brisk walks, 30 min swim, 30 min gym session even just on the tread mill or clean the house that’ll burn loads off!
    DONT think you have no time to cook or prepare..have your stock of the above and stir frie takes 3-5 minutes… precook larger amounts of pasta/brown rice/small jacket potatoes and keep in fridge and reheat in microwave.. salads, mixed pulse salads, mixed fruit berries or fruit salads can all be stored in the fridge too and then you can just help yourself to the amount you need to go with your meal.
    Dont think that because it is breakfast you have to have cereal….whatever you have or fancy which is in the correct 60/40% ratio and correct food types is what is important here…in the old days people ate wholemeal bread with leftover cuts of meats…fruit…whatever was available to them and did lots of physical exercise..
    So good luck!!!

  6. Masako W said :

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