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I want to lose weight quickly for my wedding. What is the best fat loss system or diet for this?

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10 Responses to “I want to lose weight quickly for my wedding. What is the best fat loss system or diet for this?”

  1. Fresca said :

    put down the fork

  2. Just me said :

    Best fat loss system: Don’t eat junk food, only drink water and do cardio.

  3. Wondering said :

    Portion control, exercise and water. Cut out the chunk, don’t have second helpings at dinner. And, no fast food. Good luck!

  4. jolene h said :

    do a low carb diet i lost 11lbs in 9 days.

  5. Helen M said :

    After years of running, playing hockey, la crosse I wasn’t losing any weight. My doctor said I had a slow metabolism, so I tried loads of diet pills, fad diets and other stuff (even the “cabbage soup diet”, which was sheer hell!).

    Then I came across this on the internet a few moths ago –

    It really works and I lost about 18 pounds in three weeks, which, with all the exercise I do, has really helped.

    I guess you could still lose wight even if you don’t do the exercise – I read that exercie is only about 20% of the problem, the other 80% is all down to diet.

    I hope this helps and hope you have a great wedding!

  6. mansionghost said :

    have you tried the Lil Jack workout>

  7. walter jr. said :

    The secret is calorie shifting. To know more visit:

  8. Samantha C said :

    Fat loss is one of those things that sounds easier than it really

    After all, if you just eat less calories than you burn, you’ll
    lose fat, right?

    Not necessarily. You could be burning muscle, which will turn you
    into a weak blob of quivering fat if you stay on that diet long

    And even if you do burn fat, does that mean you have to be hungry
    all the time?

    There is a TON of disinformation out there. One person says to
    follow a low carb diet, another says to follow a low fat diet,
    and someone else says low calorie is definitely the way to go.

    Who knows?

    Fat Loss 4 Idiots does.

    Here are the facts…

  9. Angela said :

    Do the Atkins diet or other low carb diet..

  10. Mike French said :

    Garry P,

    Losing weight is a very simple process. Yet not very many people can do it effectively. It take hard workouts, proper nutrition, effective supplementation, and peer support.

    Have you seen Power 90 or P90X on TV? I lost 44 pounds in 90 days using P90X. I went from 212 pounds to 168 pounds. You can do it too!

    Using either of these programs allows you access to 6 day a week workouts that are super effective in getting you into the shape of your life.

    Another very important aspect of successful weight loss is nutrition. When you get your nutrition down to ta point AMAZING changes happen. You need a nutrition program you don’t follow for a couple of months and then need to search for something else. You need a plan you can live with and use on a daily basis for the rest of your life.
    The P90X Nutrition Manual breaks down what to eat, how many calories, and grams of protein, carbs, and fat, to best maximize your results.

    The final and most important piece to the Fitness success puzzle is support. When you purchase P90X or Power 90 you get the chance to be involve din the Beachbody Community. From the WOWY (Virtual Gym) to the Message Boards to actually being assigned your own Team Beachbody Coach for FREE! Your Coach is there to guide you long your Fitness journey, to support you, motivate you, and answer all of your Fitness questions.

    P90 & P90X have changed my life and they can do the same for you!
    When you get in the shape of your life you are adding years to your life and your wife to be and your Family will certainly appreciate that!

    Best of luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding,

    Mike French


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