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Is this a healthy diet to lose weight quickly?

Okay, basically, i went from about 14/15 stone to 20, then 22 stones 6 pounds in the space of a year and a bit. ( I kno, OMG), stayed like that for a few years but i decided that i was going to lose the weight, and went on holiday to Egypt, left on the 24th August.
Starting weight 22Stones, 6 pounds
last weigh in was on Wed 28th October, 17 Stones, 10 pounds
basically my diet revolves around eating once a day where i can. if i eat more, i make sure it’s under 1000 cals. Except for once a month where i can eat what i want. (like a pig basically lol, which happened to be last night, i ate roughly 6000 cals in one sitting ARGH!!!!! now i feel like crap … 🙁 )
Normally i eat sometime in the afternoon, i just fry some peppers, with onions, sometimes with Stir fry vegetables and a fillet of fish (not breaded). and have that. on saturdays i normally have a subway sandwhich. going out more, did skipping for a brief bit, but stopped, the prospect of restarting is horrifying lol. I HATE EXERCISE. people say that eventually is gets better and u even enjoy it! i just glare at such people, jealously lol. Whenever i do exercise all i get is hot, sweaty, bothered, and feel awful when my hearts pounding and i cant breathe as easy. meh.
Well, my main concern about my diet is that i am getting alot of vege in and fish, which is good. however im getting no fruit in my diet. mind you i dont really like fruit that much to begin with. wierd that i should like vege then isnt it? lol. I’m 5’10/11, cant remember which lol
my BMI is 36.
ideally i should be 12/13 stones. so ive got about 5 stones left to go, so if i continue what i call ‘the crash course diet’ i hopefully should be an ideal weight by march. does this sound okay?

while im on, i’ve thought of a big problem. I LOVE FOOD. i mean i rly rly rly rly love food. I could ( and was) quite happily eating myself to death (unhappy about the conditions it brought on mind you). but even after i’ve lost the weight im not going to be able to eat what i want, and i dont want to yo-yo where i go on and off this diet. Any suggestions?

Ps. Power to the fat people!!!! 😉
Peace to all.

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3 Responses to “Is this a healthy diet to lose weight quickly?”

  1. Mark said :

    try fat free food

  2. PinkB said :

    Hi there Acapella I’ve gotta be really honest with you in saying that it’s really not a good idea to have just one meal a day and I’ll explain why, imagine you were going to travel from Spain to France via a car and you only fuelled the car with petrol once before your journey, you probably know where I’m going with this… you’re not going to make it to France, the car would breakdown sometime during the journey. Sorry for the weird analogy lol but what I mean by this is that our bodies behave in the exact same way, we need energy from the nutrients we obtain from food, it is very important that we have some meals during the day to sustain our bodies physiological activity otherwise we simply wouldn’t function properly, ideally 3 well balanced meals should be eaten during the day along with healthy snacks in between (if you’re hungry), also you shouldn’t eat anything during the evening time before bed because the energy you get will only become stored as fat in the body, hence the reason why you may feel bloated the next day. Another problem with your diet is that you’re consuming under 1000 calories a day, and sometimes 6000 calories which is really bad because you are putting more stress on your body and it doesn’t know how to deal with so much calories which is another reason why you feel bad the next day. The EAR (Estimated Average Requirements) for daily calorie intake is 1940 calories for women and 2550 for men. I know that you’re on a weight loss diet so I would say that you should consume around 1300-1400 calories a day (if you’re a woman) and 1800-1900 (if you’re a man), but remember that in order to lose weight you need to burn more than what you consume.

    I know how you feel about exercise also it’s really hard to start out especially when you have extra weight which adds more pressure to your joints, my advice on that is to start out slowly, try exercising for 10 minutes a day for 3-5 times a week and build up slowly. Also choose an exercise regime that suits you the best, swimming is probably one of the best types of exercise to do because it’s fun and also adds resistance so you’re body burns much more calories, also if you like dancing you should try that too, there’s this great DVD series called Zumba Fitness which you can buy or even download from certain websites for free. Even moving around the house doing chores will help you burn calories and if you’re into Nintendo Wii you could try their sports games such as the boxing one or the Nintendo Wii Fitness, whatever you decide to do make sure it’s something you enjoy because it’ll motivate you to keep doing it as opposed to resisting it and another great fact about exercise is that it’ll help you suppress your appetite.

    My main advice to you is to start out by doing a detox diet for around 1-2 weeks, no longer than that, this will cleanse your body of any toxins that it may have and prepare it for change, after that you could then follow your diet and exercise plan. I wouldn’t advise you to follow any of those famous diets (e.g. Atkins) because they usually promise alot and never deliver. I would definitely say that the best diets are the ones that are planned by the individual who is dieting, this is because you have full power over what you eat and you know it’ll be something that you enjoy, it’s really about including healthier alternatives, it’s not necessarily about sacrificing the foods you love, rather cutting down on how much you eat and making healthier substitutes, e.g. instead of using full fat butter use low fat butter, or instead of having white bread, try wholemeal bread etc. Ooooo another thing which I forgot to mention is that if you’re really not into having an actual meal (like breakfast) you could try having smoothies instead, I would definitely suggest you try making your own green smoothie because there’s been alot of good reviews on green smoothies if you google it you’ll see what I mean. Here are some links to some recipes:

    Anyhow I hope that helped, sorry for the realllllllly long answer I hope that you do well, good luck with your dieting and don’t give up you can do it!!! 🙂

    PS: Most importantly remember to consult your doctor before going through with any diets, just to be on the safe side.

  3. Orla C said :

    Eating once a day is very bad for you, you realise that? You’re only lowering your metabolic rate. And a crash diet is a very very bad idea for someone like you.

    You should eat 5 or 6 small meals a day, and they can be very healthy, tasty meals – and no, you can’t eat everything that you want, but you can on occasion have some nice treats.

    What you need to do is learn how food works, seeing as you love it so much this shouldn’t be hard.

    As regards exercise, well … it’s kind of expected that you’d feel the way you do about it now, you are carrying around a very heavy load. But when you do shed a couple of stone, try doing 15 minutes of brisk walking, and gradually bring it up to 30 minutes. I should also add that you should consult a doctor too, because all that weight is a strain on your heart, and losing weight without medical supervision could be dangerous in your case.


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