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Is this a healthy diet, and will it help me lose weight?

Breakfast- a medium bowl of fruit and fibre with semi skimmed milk.
Lunch- a cup a soup, a banana
Dinner-spaghetti bolognaise/stirfry/fish and salad.
As well as this diet, i will be exercising for an hour 5 days a week.

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11 Responses to “Is this a healthy diet, and will it help me lose weight?”

  1. helpfuljim said :

    Sounds pretty good. Although you should possbily fit in a snack of nuts or fruit at 10.30 am and 3pm to prevent energy spike and dips.

  2. Charlie D said :

    Yes i think it is a very good idea but if you start to feel faint eat a bit more please good luck xxxxxxx

  3. Jen W said :

    Everything looks good except I’m not sure on the pasta dinner. I don’t think you will lose eating pasta everyday. But then that depends on how much you eat and such.

    Good luck!

  4. Olivia J said :

    You should get some more variety in there and make sure you’re not drinking your calories.

    If you’re eating less calories than you currently are, you’ll lose weight. The exercise will help. If you don’t find yourself losing any weight make sure you see a doctor in case you have an underlying condition (thyroid, PCOS..).

  5. sisforstevie! said :

    it does depend on your starting weight and how much you consume already, but if you have a normal diet then yes, it should help you lose weight.

  6. victorianturquoise said :

    Sounds reasonably healthy. My only reccomendation is not mixing fruit with other foods. It’s much harder to digest. Eat fruit, then half an hour later you can have regular foods. Fruits take half hour to digest, other foods take three hours, meat takes days.

  7. Voice Of Experience said :

    This looks a little low on calories. You need to take in a minimum of 1200 (1350 might work even better) calories a day or your body will slip right into starvation mode and your weight loss will come to a halt very quickly. Not to mention you won’t have the energy to exercise for an hour a day without proper nutrition. I’ve included a website with some 1200 calorie menu ideas but basically you can eat what you like up to your allotted calorie count for the day. Good luck!

  8. Noella H said :

    Go to this site and download their E-book, I’m sure it will help you!

  9. Outspoken but Honest said :

    Sounds OK to me

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  11. Johnc0 said :

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