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I’m 14 and have to lose weight, is this diet o.k?

I’m not on a diet because i want to be thin like most girls, i’m on a diet becuase i’m a litle chubby and my doctor told me that i need to lose a few pounds..So i need to start eating healthier and cut down on crisps, chococlate, butter, white bread, ect..

What do you think of this diet? Will i lose weight if i stick to this diet along with exercise?

Breakfast; Low fat bagel with Jam OR kellogs Cornflakes with semi-skimmed milk.

Snack; apple OR nutri grain bar.

Lunch; 2 small packets of raisins, strawberries and an orange.

Snack; Yoghurt

tea; whatever my mum’s making

Supper; Bowl of chopped fruit OR a bowl of porrige.

Drinks; cranberry juice and water.

thank’s x

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12 Responses to “I’m 14 and have to lose weight, is this diet o.k?”

  1. fat said :

    yes that is perfect stick with it you should see some positive changes soon

  2. Jemima said :

    Sounds good, just make sure you get enough protein and iron with your diet – they’re really important.

  3. Sarah said :

    i’d have just a banana for brekkie if i were you. also you are meant to have five different fruit or vegetables each day. also why not take more exercise and do a sport or join a club or something. it’s not just about what you eat. take up lacrosse. it’s the most amazingly fun sport

  4. nannywho said :

    It is very good. Just watch the calories in cranberry juice. The more water you drink, the faster you lose.

  5. Steel Saint said :

    This diet is perfect…if you’re anorexic. The number one thing that is see is that there is no protein or fat. Your entire diet is comming from fruit, a simple carbohydrate. While it is good, you need more of everything. Foods to include could be – Chicken, Turkey, Cottage Cheese, Whole Grain Bread, Oatmeal, Tuna, etc. Add these in and you’ll have more of the neccessary nutrients to loose weight the healthy way.

  6. kerry_7553 said :

    Yes it sounds pretty healthy but personally I’d freak out if I ate that much.

  7. Renu G said :

    Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options for you.


  8. storm said :

    If your physician recommended you go on a diet, then that is who you should consult about what you should and should not eat. Alternatively, check with a nutritionist.

  9. travman242 said :

    it sounds good except you need more protein. Peanuts and fish are excellent low fat sources of protein.

  10. davidrufus1701 said :

    yeah cos ur actually eating – if you dont eat u act get fatter cos ur metabolism slows down 😀

  11. FluffyKitten-x said :

    Yes, your diet will probably turn out very successful as long as you follow it. But- from previous experience, I’ve learned that exercising is one of the key points to loosing weight.

  12. galinda.girl said :

    Sounds great!
    Just make sure you vary it a bit or you’ll soon get bored with it and give up!
    Good luck!


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