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Im getting a bit chubby – I want to lose weight but I dont wanna go on a diet. Advice?

Diets fail.
I want to lose around 10lb.
Ive started a paperround which gives me 2 hours of walking x 6 days.

What do I do about the food part?
Im not gonna cut out carbs or whatever.

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12 Responses to “Im getting a bit chubby – I want to lose weight but I dont wanna go on a diet. Advice?”

  1. pissedbitch99 said:

    even though you have started a paper route exercise get your heart rate up by running and gain muscle by doing push ups, sit ups, lunges, etc

  2. David W said:

    Cut down on the fat & you will lose your chubbiness AND your wrinkly forehead

  3. pink21 said:

    instead of cutting out food just have smaller portions im trying the 1200 calorie diet but eating wot i want like crisps etc as long as i dont go over the 1200 a day u could try tht

  4. Aabhas said:

    Exercise !!!

  5. toffeebluecake said:

    Start walking at least 30 mins a day
    Eat lots of green vegetables and fruit salad
    lots of water at least 1 litre a day
    lots of salads
    cut out deep fried foods
    cut out too much bread
    eat breakfast – very important

  6. Lil-Mizz-H said:

    Try getting more active and don’t eat snacks between meals. : )

  7. Exodus_Love said:

    Yes. unhealthy diets are wrong. You can eat anything you want but not overboard. How can you lose weight when you seem lazy enough to think about it? Okay, here’s the thing you might need to know. Try to eat foods in small portions. Like for breakfast, you’ll eat just slightly a tiny bowl of cereal. If you eat so MUCH, you’ll get full. BUT, you will definitely eat for lunch, right? So, that’s what i meant. You need to balance it in times. During breakfast,lunch or dinner. Don’t eat too much during the night if you know you are not doing anything. Do exercises-simple ones like walking around your house, cleaning your room or whatsoever. It’s better than doing nothing.

  8. Philippa said:

    You should do the Coleen Brand New Body Workout

    Its fantastic, its kinda hard but ive got used to it

    You burn fat and tone up

    its really good you’ll enjoy it

  9. RB said:

    If you have a paper route that’s a great way to lose weight. However, you do need to do cardio, too. Something to really get your blood pumping. Try running in parts of your walk if you can. Run in place if possible.

    You’re right. Diets don’t work. The best thing to do is eat healthy for 6 days and on the 7th day you can eat whatever you want. Like a reward day. That’s what I do. I eat healthy Sunday thru Friday. Saturday is my “Eat Anything” day. Try to eat 6 small meals a day. Never miss breakfast. Just like your doctor says, it is the most important meal of the day. I usually eat Go Lean cereal with a glass of orange juice, skim milk, cranberries and whole wheat toast for breakfast. For snacks I’ll eat carrots, rice crackers or a fruit. I eat snacks twice a day, one after breakfast and one after lunch. For lunch have fish or a sandwhich ie. peanut butter and jelly, tuna or egg salad with lite mayo. For liquids try to drink as much water as possible. Also Green Tea is a great antioxidant. Drink Green Tea after lunch and dinner, especially if you eat anything greasy. For Dinner eat meat and veggies or chicken with light seasoning and a salad with fat free or lite dressing. Tofu is good, too. For dessert I’ll eat a pudding, jello or fruit cup. This is just random daily meals that I’ll eat. It keeps me happy and healthy. Good luck. I hope this works for you.

    P.S. Stay away from all Fast Foods. They’re terrible for you and loaded with perservatives. Eating organic is the best thing for your body, but there is no harm in letting loose and eating outside of the organic bubble. I believe we only live once and I want to make the most of this life. I love food, but don’t like fat on me. I want to eat what I want, and look and be healthy. Hey, and there’s always something to look forward to: Saturday. 🙂

  10. up_down_upside said:

    hmmm…lets see…well for one just exercise by hulahooping, skipping whatever and chew your food for while as it makes you less hungry, swap a packet of crisps for an apple and ALWAYS eat breakfast! it’s a common mistake not to. You gain more weight from lunch if you skip breakfast, so have fun and eat!

  11. Chandrashekar said:

    Try this for 5 days . You can loose weight without going on diet .

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    emotional response to stress and perhaps even your personality.

    Find what diet helps loose weights and what diet is


  12. boredman said:

    diets aren’t for kids only when prescribed by a doctor. eat more fruits and vegetables and whole grains like cereal and drink more water instead of sugary drinks and no eating chips and other junk food. it should take about a few weeks to loose some weight.


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