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How can you lose weight without getting a muscle-y look?

I am 16 and am just starting to work out to lose weight. I run and play tennis–which I just started playing and therefore dont get an actual workout out of! Can you guys tell me what kind of excercises you need to do, what kind of food you need to eat, etc to lose weight but not build up a lot of muscle? Any tips will be welcome!!

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3 Responses to “How can you lose weight without getting a muscle-y look?”

  1. jen w said :

    dont worry, your not going to look like arnold or anything of that sort, im thinking cardio with light weight lifting, getting that muscley look takes alot of work and i dont think you work out as hard as them, so dont worry about blowing up

  2. Belinda said :

    It is very hard to gain muscle! By eating sensibly and training you will not suddenly get muscly – you have to have a specific training programme and diet in order to gain muscle and to look muscly – so do not worry!!!

    Cardio activities like running, tennis, swimming, brisk walking, cycling etc will help you to lose body fat and therefore lose weight.

    Diet – try to cut down on carbs, increase protein intake, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, Replace processed food with fresh food and avoid white breads/pasta’s etc

  3. therealchuckbales said :

    You won’t build muscle if you’re not working out and lifting weights. You may appear more toned because there is less far on your body.


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