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how can i lose weight quickly without buying the food diet stuff?

i’m 15 [16 at the end of the month] and im about 5 foot, 5 inches and i want to lose weight… i weigh about 113 and i want to lose like 20 pounds… i dont know, something around that… i’m a size 3 in jeans and i would like to be like a size 1 or maybe even 0. i just feel really fat. but any ideas on how to lose weight quickly before summer without having to buy the food diet programs or going to the gym [since i can’t drive or anything yet]?

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6 Responses to “how can i lose weight quickly without buying the food diet stuff?”

  1. Abbie said :

    20 pounds!! you would be annorexically skinny. your BMI is already really low, if you lose weight you will be underweight and thats not healthy. the only thing to do is eat healthy and excersize more, gain/tone muscle to look better too

  2. Jack D said :

    jog,eat healthy,you’ll be good

  3. Dr. Hepburn said :

    Work out, gym, jog, walk, bike, anything, do it the old fashion way, its been working for the past 100 years, it still works!!!!

  4. Don Juan said :

    eat fruit and vegetables, do a lot of cardio such as walking, jogging or running. That said there is no miracle way to loose weight it took a long time to become overweight it will take a long time to lose it. The more muscle you put on the more calories you will burn doing nothing. However it does not seem being 5’5 and weighing 113 is overweight at all. On second thought eat a sandwhich.

  5. Anthony said :

    cut your portions in half or eat a very small meal every 2-3 hours enough to satisfy you but not completely fill you up, dont eat any starches or dairy and be sure to drink a lot of water (6-8 glasses) and to lose weight quicker just walk a bit every day like at least once around your block every day

  6. Rawr. :D said :

    Don’t eat anything for like 6 months and you’ll lose it. Good luck.


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